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Best deals on GTA V and FIFA 14

Best deals on GTA V and FIFA 14

The hottest games of the year – GTA V and FIFA 14 – are up for sale. We tell you which portals and stores are offering the best discounts. To be updated whenever prices change.

It’s a great month for gamers. Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) has just released and FIFA 14 is all set to hit the racks, with prices already announced. GTA V has already been called the best in the series and FIFA 14 is not expected to disappoint either with its much-awaited precision movement system. But before you go ahead and make that impulse purchase, read on to find what discounts or freebies are available on both games and where you can find the best rate.

One of Rockstar Studios’ biggest hits, GTA V has already topped $1 billion in sales. If you missed the 75% discount on pre-ordering the game on PlayStation 3 (PS3), there are a few more discounts which you can enjoy while buying this game. If you have not got a console yet, consider the PS3 if you are a fan of the GTA series. With the 500GB Super Slim PS3 you can get a free copy of GTA V and a 30-day trial of the PlayStation Plus. If you already have a PS3, you can get deep discounts of at least 30% off on other Rockstar titles that include GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City on buying GTA V. No discounts are being offered for PC and Xbox users.

GTA V Xbox PS3 Shipping cost
Flipkart Rs2,999 Rs2,999 Free
CEX Rs3,800 Rs3,800 NA
NextWorld Rs2,999 Rs2,999 Free
Game4u Rs2,999 Rs2,999 NA
Play Asia Rs3,725 Rs3,725 Free
Games The Shop Rs2,999 Rs2,999 NA

Pre-ordering the Xbox One 260GB HDD will get you a free copy of the FIFA 14. The offer has been launched extensively in the European Union and reports are rife that this deal will soon hit Indian stores as well. Landmark is offering Rs700 off on FIFA 14 if you’re willing to trade in your FIFA 13, while SportsKeeda is offering a free gift worth Rs400 with the PC version of the game. For PlayStation users, no discounts or offers have been launched.

FIFA 14 PC Xbox PS3 Shipping cost
Flipkart Rs2,499 Rs3,499 Rs3,499 Free
NextWorld Rs2,499 Rs3,499 Rs3,499 Free
Play Asia Rs3,921 Rs3,790 Rs3,790 Free
Game4u Rs2,499 Rs3,499 Rs3,499 NA
Infibeam Rs2,799 Rs3,799 Rs3,799 Free
Games The Shop Rs2,499 Rs3,499 Rs3,499 NA

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