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Best apps to manage and save money

Best apps to manage and save money

If you find it difficult to track your expenses and save money, you are not alone. But there are a number of apps available in your phone’s store which can help you tremendously.

Tracking your expenses and trying to analyse how you can cut costs can get tricky if you don’t know how to go about it. But that need not be the case all the time. Smartphones have revolutionized how managing money works and if you have a working internet connection, there are plenty of tools and applications which go the extra mile to lower your expenses, track money and even make bill payments for you. Here are some of our picks. All of them are free.

Tracking money

Money Lover
This app makes managing personal finances on a daily basis much easier. Money Lover comes with features that help you add daily transactions and specify budgets across categories like travel, entertainment and food. The app can also set up to give you alerts for debts or loans you need to pay. Besides that, if you are approaching the end of your budget for a particular spend category, the app sounds a warning so you don’t overshoot your budget. If you add financial details like your salary and enter every expense, Money Lover gives you reports on how much money you have saved and can afford to spend at the end of the month.
Available on: Android, iOS

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense
This personal finance app designed by Toshl is one of the highest-rated ones you can find online. The app is simple to use and can organize your expenses efficiently. Helping you keep a track of your spending, you can see where your money is going and set up budgets that you don’t overshoot them. Toshl also helps you set reminders for outstanding payments and bills. Budgets can be segregated across days, weeks, months and one full year and you can also set up repeating expenses and bills to organize your finances.
Available on: Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian

Cutting costs

Delight Circle
If you are looking for specific discounts and offers on brands, shopping stores and restaurants in your vicinity, use Delight Circle to help you get great offers. The app helps you find deals for mobile phones, apparel and even groceries. You can also key in your preferences so that the app gives you discounts for only what you are looking for.
Available on: Android

The app works great if you are using a data plan on your mobile and looking to not overshoot your data plan. Pay-as-you-go data is still very expensive and Onavo helps you keep track of your usage so that you don’t overshoot your monthly allowance. It alerts you if you are close to exceeding your data plan limit and even allows you to create restrictions so that data-heavy apps work only on Wi-Fi. The app also gives you useful information indicating whether or not an app you want to download will fit into your data plan.
Available on: Android, iOS

If you are looking to buy a product online, use the MySmartPrice app to help you compare prices and offers from different websites. Working as a comparison app, you can get the best price as it tracks an impressive 30 e-commerce websites for its price check.
Available on: Android

Tracking stocks and equities

Stock Watch
If you are looking to get live quotes for stocks listed on the NSE and BSE, use Stock Watch as it helps you keep track of the market in real-time. The app also helps you keep an eye on your portfolio with the stock watch list feature. As an added feature, you can also get expert analysis and tips on stocks from various fund houses within the app.
Available on: Android, iOS

Like Stock Watch, Investar gives you live quotes for stocks. The app also gives you intra-day scans and updates on specific stocks which you want to track. Investar generates charts to help you understand current stock and market trends so that you can better predict the best time to either sell or buy a stock you are looking at.
Available on: Android, iOS

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