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Are refurbished goods for you?

Are refurbished goods for you?

It’s a well-kept secret, but there are a few refurbished stores in your city selling a wide range of electronics. We tell you when you should take the deal and what risks you’re taking when

If online stores such as Flipkart and Snapdeal are the first place you look to for a discount, you’re missing out on one good option. They have physical stores in many cities in India and online stores to cater to cities they’ve missed out, but offer much larger discounts than any everyone else. For example, we found a laptop from Lenovo with an MRP of Rs1.47 lakh marked down to Rs40,000. It even comes with a two-year warranty. So, why the big discount? Well, it’s been refurbished.

What are refurbished goods?
What do you think happens to the products consumers return, complaining of minor defects? Or the demo units in a showroom and pieces damaged during shipment? They’re not sold as brand new. Instead, they’re repaired if necessary, tested to work as per the manufacturer’s standards, and resold as refurbished goods. Now, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t seen them at a regular electronics dealer, such as Croma or Next. Well, it’s because these products are sold at a relatively new crop of refurbished electronics sellers, such as Gobol and Greendust. Let’s find out what deals you can find here and how safe it is to make a purchase.

How much can you save?
The discounts are even better than what you would find during the festival seasons, of course. If they weren’t, it would make more sense to just wait for the sale season. In just a few searches, we found discounts going way up to 70% for certain products.

Company Product Price Discount Warranty Period
Gobol Lenovo ThinkPad X201S Rs39,990 67% 1 year
Greendust Philips Coffee Maker Rs3,750 47% 1 year
Ebay Dell Latitude E6410 Rs33,940 38% 1 year
Gobol Philips 58-inch LED TV Rs2,00,000 56% 1 year
Greendust Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Rs22,799 16% 1 year
Ebay Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 Rs16,999 37% 6 months

Where can you find refurbished goods?
As per our research, there are three places you can easily find refurbished goods. They are dealers like Greendust and Gobol, both of which have set up their own online portals and physical stores. But you can also find them on Ebay, where individual dealers list them with manufacturer warranties.

What to watch out for?

Inspect the product You may want to examine the product before you purchase it. Dealers like Greendust and Gobol give you this opportunity at their physical stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other major cities in the country. Always ask what was wrong with the product. If there was a dent during shipment, ask them to show it to you. They also have a cash-on-delivery option for online purchases. If the product isn’t as specified, return it immediately.

Warranty Check the warranty period on a refurbished product. A standard manufacturer warranty is good enough, but be careful while buying anything which has a warranty below one year or six months.

Extended warranty If the dealer is offering you an extended warranty, it’s a good sign. However, do consider whether this will be worth its price.

Accessories included Ensure that your refurbished product comes with all the listed accessories relevant to your item. These include the charger, manual, wires, software and drivers necessary for it to run smoothly. If possible, ask for new accessories.

Product specifications When you receive a refurbished product, check if all the specifications are exactly what you ordered. A slight change in the model number can mean that you have been shipped a different product.

Return policy Similar to buying a new product, there is no 100% guarantee that your refurbished item will work. But make sure that the dealer is offering some form of return policy. Greendust offers a 15-day return policy while Gobol limits it to a week. With these two dealers, you can also return the product for a cash refund if it does not turn out to be as per your liking, just as you can with online retailers.

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