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Are bundled apps for you?

Are bundled apps for you?

There are a few places on the Internet where you can get apps at a fraction of their total price. But you must buy many at one time. Find out if bundled app sales are

Bundled app sales are tempting. With discounts of over 80% on a mix of games, apps and software, how could you not be tempted? Consider this sale from Humble Bundle for PC gamers: Batman Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, F.E.A.R. 2, F.E.A.R. 3, Lord of the Rings: War in the North and Scribblenauts Unlimted are currently up on sale for Rs277. Just buying Batman Arkham City separately would otherwise cost you Rs699, but at the Humble Bundle price, you also get 5 other game titles which might not be on your game list. So is there a catch? Let’s find out.

Should you go for bundled deals?
There’s no catch to bundled deals. What you see is what you get. You should, however, pay attention to what is being offered as part of the deal of you’ll end up being stuck with a boat load of exactly what you didn’t want. So, as a rule, before you buy in bulk, check the prices of the included apps and games in which you are actually interested. Only opt for the bundle if the prices of each title you want add up to much more than what you would be getting in the deal.

Where you can get bundled apps

Humble Bundle This website started off as a platform for indie gamers to sell their work. However, Humble Bundle has now evolved into a full fledged bundled game website with major titles from WB featuring on their sales. They also have an Android app where they give bundled apps for sale.

Productive Macs This app store is built dedicatedly for Apple iOS users. Every month, Productive Macs offer six apps in a bundle for steep discounts up to 95% of what you would be paying for them individually. Bundle deals usually come with a time limit and if you miss out on one, be sure to follow their website for the next deal.

Steam This portal provides gamers with different titles at great prices on all days of the year. Bundled deals are launched on this website frequently and if there aren’t any, you can always browse through their list of daily discounted titles. Besides games, you can also get other softwares for discounts as well.

Amazon Appstore You need to download the Amazon Appstore on your smartphone to be able to enjoy deals and discounts which go up regularly on this platform. Bundled deals are not available on all days, but they are launched for a limited period frequently. Most of the time, bundled apps and games are offered for free and the collection of titles at the Appstore is extensive as compared to other portals.

Bundle Stars The portal started its first bundle way back in 1995 and it still carries on the tradition on a monthly basis. If you are interested in gaming, do not miss this website as solid game titles are offered on discounts here. A percentage of the sale is directed to a charitable organization which changes with each bundled deal. The current ongoing bundle while writing this article offers nine highly rated games for as low as Rs251.

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