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Anti-theft apps for your Android phone

Anti-theft apps for your Android phone

Your phone contains a wide variety of information about you including bank details, your contacts and other personal information. Keep your phone and identity secure with these apps.

Apart from simply how much our phones cost, it’s important to keep them safe because they contain so much data and personal information about us. iPhones come with a built-in ‘Find my iPhone’ app that can help you remote lock your phone, track it and even erase data to keep your details safe. But Android phones do not have any built-in apps to keep your identity secure. Here’s where these anti-theft apps come in.

These apps can trigger your phone’s alarm to help you locate it, activate its GPS so that you can track where it is in case it’s stolen and remote wipe your data so that your personal details aren’t compromised. Even if you have simply misplaced your phone, you can trigger the phone’s alarm to locate it with ease. If you have an Android phone, you should consider using one of these apps to protect your phone.

Prey Anti Theft
One of the most highly-rated security apps on Google’s Play store, Prey Anti Theft helps you track and locate your stolen phone, tablet and even your laptop efficiently. The app can turn on your phone’s GPS and help you locate it on a map. If stolen, the phone can take pictures from its front and back camera and transmit the images to you so that you can identify exactly where the phone is and with whom. Your phone can also be instantly locked and send you network information to pinpoint the accurate location of the device.
Key feature Remote click photos on phone’s front and back camera
Cost Free

Anti-theft by Avast
Avast’s anti-theft app helps you locate and track your lost phone by activating its GPS and by using other triangulation methods. Its biggest feature is that in case you feel that the odds of retrieving your phone are low, you can activate a remote memory wipe so that your personal details and data are not misused. The app can also trigger your lost phone to call on another number so that you can hear the surroundings in which your phone is. If your phone is misplaced, you can also ask the app to display a custom message on the screen, asking to notify you if found.
Key feature Remote wipe your phone’s data
Cost Free; premium version offers slightly better features at $1.99 per month

Lookout Security & Antivirus
Besides being a dedicated antivirus app for your phone, Lookout Security also helps locate your phone via GPS if it’s misplaced or stolen. You can activate the phone’s alarm even on silent mode and if your phone runs out of battery power, you can get its last location easily. If someone enters the wrong password to your phone more than five times, you get an email with the phone’s current location and an image of the intruder taken from the front camera on your device.
Key feature Send last known location if phone runs out of battery
Cost Free

After installing this app, you get access to all remote controls to your phone through Cerberus’s online portal or via sending text messages to your device. In case your phone’s SIM card is changed, you will start receiving alerts about its location and other activity it’s being used for. The app also helps you track its location, remote wipe all data on the phone, record audio from the microphone and send you a list of last calls made and received on the phone.
Key feature Complete anti-theft controls at a cheap lifetime price
Cost Free for one week; €2.99 for a lifetime license

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