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5 reasons to consider Linux

5 reasons to consider Linux

A laptop running a Linux operating system can come for as low as Rs20,150. Don’t be worried if it’s as good as Windows. Read to find some great advantages of changing your OS.

If Acer and Dell have already a range of computers running the Linux-based operating systems (OS), you must believe it is very easy to use. You may be used to Windows or iOS, but you’ll be surprised by the number of advantages this free OS has over its paid counterparts. Here are the top five reasons why you shouldn’t give up the chance of buying a low-priced laptop running on Linux:

Linux laptop model Price
Acer Aspire V5-121 Rs20,150
Acer Gateway NE56R Rs20,750
Dell Vostro 2520 Rs22,360
Sony Vaio SVE1513CYNB Rs27,920
Dell Inspiron 15 3521 Rs27,990

Free software
A Windows 8 OS will cost you at least Rs8,000. The cost of Apple’s operating system is usually built into the total cost of the computer and for further updates, there is a fee. On the other hand, Linux is free of cost. Its developer, Community, has kept the operating system in an open source domain. Most Linux variants can be used for free, and the ones which are paid come at a much lower price compared to Windows.

Hardware requirements
Linux runs great on old systems with outdated hardware specifications. That means, you don’t need the fastest RAM and processor for your computer to run smooth with the Linux OS. Windows 8 requires your computer to be running at least a 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. Besides that, it requires at least 16 GB worth of hard disk space. The amount of hardware required to run Linux is much lesser than Windows, making computers running it cheaper.

Contrary to popular belief, Linux operating systems are a lot safer than the Windows OS. Windows almost always requires additional anti-virus software to be installed to keep it secure. While you could always opt for free anti-virus softwares, Linux has walls and flexible file access permissions to keep unwanted files out of your system. You would think that an open source software would be easier to hack, but due to its ease of access, a virus threat is always countered with many patches that are released by programmers across the world.

Flexibility and compatibility
The Linux OS is very easy to customize as per your needs. The look of Linux can be changed as to how you need by using options provided in the system. It can also be used for high performance server applications, desktop apps and embedded systems. Save on disk space by installing parts of essential software that you will require instead of going for full installations. Linux OS can run and open all common file extensions and can access both Windows and iOS if you are considering splitting your hard drive. The large number of Linux distributors online also gives you flexibility to select an OS which best suits your need.

Open source softwares
If you opt for Linux, the resulting savings in installing softwares cannot be matched by Windows. Most programs which run on Windows come with a retail price going in thousands of rupees. But that’s not the case with Linux. Many of the available software, programs, utilities and even games available for Linux are freeware and can be installed for free. Even complex programs like an anti-virus, image editing and office software can be downloaded for free from the internet.

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