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5 free Windows programs you must have

5 free Windows programs you must have

There are many free programs for your PC, each offering to extend the way you use your computer. Here are 5 free Windows programs that you just can’t afford miss out on.

Windows users are lucky in a way; there is a host of tools (many of them free) to diversify their computing experience. Some may argue that the experience wasn’t all it could be to begin with. Either way, here are five free Windows programs that you just must get. They range from finding files to speeding up your transfers and there’s even one with which you can open and edit multiple file types.

This program is not just meant to speed up your file transfers, although it does that too. You can also pause and resume the copying process in case you need to allot your PC more resources for another task. Plus, the program shows you failed transfers, so you can specifically retry the files that weren’t copied.
For Quicker file transfer speeds
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This software is a download manager that can boost download speeds since it uses multi-threaded technology. It supports quite a few protocols and popular video websites and can even be integrated into your web browser. And it also has a batch function and a scheduler making your task that much easier.
For Faster downloads for online videos
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Free Opener
If you’ve ever encountered a situation in which a file isn’t recognised by Windows you’ll be giving thanks for this software. With it you can view, edit and even print different types of files such as text and presentation documents, worksheets, PDFs, photos and more without the need for separate programs to run them. It is especially handy if you don’t want to purchase office suite programs.
For Opening various file types
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This program indexes your files in the background so that if you launch a search for a specific file or folder it will display results faster than the standard Windows search. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t search file contents, so it won’t compromise your privacy. However, it only indexes files and folders on local NTFS volumes.
For Finding files and folders quickly
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Have you installed software which is difficult to get rid of? There is software out there that refuses to be booted from your system. This can not only be annoying, but also slow down your PC unnecessarily. That’s where GeekUninstaller comes in. It helps you get rid of leftover bits and you can force stubborn software out. The great thing about this program is that you can run it from a USB drive too.
For Uninstalling completely
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