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10 awesome money-saving apps

10 awesome money-saving apps

One to find you the best prices online, another to locate all the deals around town, a third that lets you make international calls, and there are still seven more free apps to go!

Smartphones aren’t just to check e-mail and cricket scores on the go; they can help you save a tonne of money, no matter whether you’re driving, shopping or investing. Here you’ll find 10 apps that can help you track, manage and save your money.

Delight Circle
Available on: Android
Type: Shopping discounts
Delight Circle looks for discounts and offers on brands, shopping stores and restaurants in your location. Offers are available on mobile phones, apparels and even groceries. You can also key in your preferences so that the app gives you discounts for only what you are looking for.

Money Lover
Available on: Android, iOS
For: Staying within budget
Managing your personal finances on a daily basis is made easier with Money Lover. It includes features to add daily transactions, specify budgets across categories like travel, entertainment and food. It also gives alerts for debts you need to pay or sounds a warning that you are nearing an end to your budget. A must-have app if you want to keep a track of your spending.

Available on: Android, iOS
For: Checking data consumption
If you are using a data plan on your mobile, Onavo helps you keep track of your usage so you don’t overshoot your monthly usage allowance. It also gives alerts regarding apps which are consuming significant amounts of your data and can also restrict heavy apps to wi-fi.

Happy Hours India
Available on Android, iOS
Price Free
For: Finding food and drink discounts
To get deals on buffets in and around your city, get the Happy Hours India app. This app comes in handy when you’re looking for discounts on food and drinks in restaurants that you like. Information about happy hours is also easily accessible through this app. If food events is what you are looking for, this app also provides you alerts for those.

Available on: Android, iOS
For: Doing your taxes
Want a simple way to calculate your income tax? Or determine how much you need to invest to save taxes? MyTaxIndia does just that. It also helps you easily monitor your savings with the help of graphs.

Available on: Android
For: Finding the lowest price online
A simple way to compare product prices and offers from different websites, MySmartPrice shows rates and discounts of a product from different websites on one screen. It tracks an impressive 30 e-commerce websites for the best prices.

Rupee Exchange Rates & Trend
Available on: Android, iOS
For: Finding the lowest forex rate
The app does just what its name suggests. Giving you exchange rates for the dollar, pound, dirham and euro across major banks, you can track which source is giving you the best rate. It also provides a graphical trend of current exchange rates.

Available on: Android, iOS
For: Free calls and texts
Need to make a call free of charge? Or send a message to someone at no cost at all? No problem. Viber does all that by using your 3G or Wi-fi connection. It only requires you and your contact to be on Viber.

Stock Watch
Available on: Android, iOS
For: Managing your shares
Giving you live quotes for stocks listed in NSE and BSE, Stock Watch helps you in keeping track of the market. This app also helps you to keep an eye on your stock portfolio with the stock watch list feature. Besides this, the app provides expert analysis and tips on stocks from fund houses and information on global indices.

Car Experts India
Available on: Android
For: Managing car expenses
Car Experts India checks car prices in different cities and keeps track of your car’s fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. It also includes listings of insurance and accessories dealers in different cities across India.

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