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Returning online shopping? Read this first

Returning online shopping? Read this first

Returning an item you’ve bought online is not usually the hassle-free process web-based retailers claim it is. Find out what you must know while sending back what you don’t need.

All shopping websites make it seem like returning a product is easy as placing the order. You ask for it to be done and it gets done, so long as you don’t wait longer than 30 days. When companies make such sweeping statements, you know what to do, right? Always read the fine print. Not going to happen? Okay, read on to find out what you know in case you need to return an item you bought online.

Check it immediately
It may not be possible all the time, but check the item you’ve ordered while the delivery agent is at your door (have it delivered to your office if you’re more likely to be there at delivery time). If you are able to do so, you can check the product immediately. If you’re not happy with it, you could send it back immediately by filling in a return form. Returning it later will always be more of a hassle than this. Remember, though, that this would not work with electronics, as many websites require you to deal with the manufacturer directly in case the reason for the damage is covered by the warranty.

At least call
Despite their insistence that you may return within 30 days, it’s best to call up the helpline immediately. So don’t put it off. This is because some websites do mention that the 30-day rule only applies if you mention that you are going to be returning the product. With Yebhi, it’s 24 hours, with Indiatimes Shopping and Infibeam it’s 72 hours, while Snapdeal gives you a full week.

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Be assertive
While dealing with people at the call centre with returns, you may encounter some hostility. They may say that your excuse is not valid even though their conditions say otherwise. It may be a good idea to read up on the conditions before you make the call. Be assertive over the phone.

Maintain the original packaging
Do you enjoy ripping apart the packaging? Well, stop. These websites want the product shipped backed to them in almost exactly the same condition as it was sent to you. Even a missing tag may lead to rejection. So instead, do all the checking you need to do before you take off the tags.

Push for a refund
Many stores will push for store credit, rather than a proper refund, when you return your goods. While this is okay if you regularly shop at this website, it’s not if you wanted it to be a one-time thing. If you push for a refund, you may have success, particularly if you have paid by debit/credit card, in which case they already have your details.

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