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Visa-on-arrival for Indians

Visa-on-arrival for Indians

Which foreign countries can you plan to visit at the last minute? Here's a list of all the countries that will give you a visa on arrival, for how long and what it will cost.

For us Indians, one hassle about planning a foreign holiday is getting a visa. You could easily be rejected if you’re applying to a few first-world countries and it’s not as if getting one to the others is hassle-free. Worst of all is that you need to plan your holiday well in advance, so you can’t simply pack your bags and leave. But that’s not the case with all countries, though. At 52 foreign destinations, we can apply for visas on arrival. Here’s the full list, together with the cost and the duration for which such a visa is issued for each country.

Visa on Arrival

Country Duration Price
Burundi 30 days Free
Cape Verde 180 days Free
Comoros 14 days Free
Ethiopia 30 days Free
Ghana 60 days Rs9,300 approximately
Kenya 30 days Rs3,000 approximately
Madagascar 90 days Free
Mauritius 30 days Free
Seychelles 30 days Free
Tanzania 90 days Rs3,000
Togo 7 days Free
Uganda 90 days Free
Bolivia 90 days Rs3,200
British Virgin Islands 31 days Free
Dominica 180 days Free
Ecuador 90 days Free
El Salvador 90 days Free
Guatemala 90 days Free
Grenada 90 days Free
Haiti 90 days Free
Jamaica 10 days Free
Montserrat 90 days Free
Trinidad and Tobago 90 days Free
Saint Kitts and Nevis 90 days Free
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 30 days Free
Turks and Caicos Islands 30 days Free
Bhutan 14 days Free
Cambodia 30 days Rs1,200
Hong Kong 14 days Free
Indonesia 30 days Rs2,300*
Iran 14 days Rs3,300
Iraq 14 days*** Free
Laos 30 days Free
Jordan 14 days Rs1,750
Macau 30 days Free
Maldives 30 days Free
Myanmar 28 day visa issued on arrival Free
Nepal Unlimited access Free
Sri Lanka 30 days (ETA necessary) NA
Tajikistan 45 days Free
Thailand 15 days Rs2,000
Vietnam 30 to 90 days Rs8,800**
Cook Islands 200 days Free
Federated States of Micronesia 400 days Free
Niue 30 days Free
Pitcairn Islands 14 days Free
Palau 30 days Free
Samoa 60 days Free
Tuvalu 30 days Free
Vanuatu 30 days Free

* Rs1500 on arrival, Rs800 on exit
** Rs2000 for visa, Rs6,800 for approval letter issued by a Vietnam based tour operator
*** Only at Erbil Airport

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