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Travel sites to cut foreign trip costs

Travel sites to cut foreign trip costs

If the rupee put a dent in your foreign travel plans to travel abroad, here are five websites that will help you cut down on the biggest of your expenses – accommodation.

If you had saved up for a foreign trip, it’s quite likely you’re reconsidering. With the rupee at 65 against the dollar and over a 100 against the pound, it might be some trouble loosening your purse strings for even small purchases. But if you’re finding it all too hard to accept, maybe some adjustments are all you need. And why not start with the biggest of them all – accommodation? Here are five websites that should help you do the trick.

The idea is simple: not all of us need a hotel while travelling abroad, what we need is space. This websites allows people from anywhere in the world rent out their space (a room in their home or a second home). It isn’t dirt cheap, but it isn’t hotel price either. If you’re willing to spend as much as you would on a hotel, you might even end up being able to afford accommodation in a much better location than you otherwise would. As always with such offerings, read the reviews, chat up a few of your to-be host’s previous guests and use the private messaging system. If you have a friend in the city you’re planning to visit, you could even have him visit the property in person before you make the payment.

In case you haven’t used its Indian version, Groupon offers bulk discounts. You don’t need to find others who want this discount; as a user, you’ll be part of the arrangement. Groupon is a deals – not just a hotel deals – website, so there might be less to pick from, but when they’re available, they’re a steal. For a very low price, you could get a good hotel room. But pay special attention to the fine print. The special rates aren’t always applicable on weekend bookings and the taxes are exclusive of the deal price. Keep checking the website for offers, because you never know when you might get lucky or even end up planning a trip if you get your hands on a good enough deal!

Particularly if you’re riding solo and any extra expenditure feels unnecessary, Couchsurfing is what you’re looking for. It promises to be an experience by itself. The website lets you get in touch with a person willing to let you crash for a short duration of time, often one to two nights at their house, in exchange for a nominal amount and sometimes even at no cost at all. Given how it works, though, it’s best you vet the listing before relying on it or keep a solid back up. A good option nonetheless if you’re acquainted with the region at.

This website combines the offerings of Airbnb and Couchsurfer, offering rentals and free homestays. The prices are low, you can communicate with those offering their homes before you go, check reviews written by those who’ve stayed before and look at pictures of the home. Both short- and long-term rentals are available.

Sleeps 5
Families of five can find it really difficult to accommodate themselves in just one hotel room. If you don’t want to shell out extra for an extra room, check out which is a comprehensive website that provides direct links to hotels that can accommodate a family of 5.

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