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Top 5: Party saving tips and tricks

Top 5: Party saving tips and tricks

You can’t keep accepting party invites from others. Sooner or later you’ll have to throw one yourself. We bring you five tips, that will help you save time and money.

Throwing a party is great because it brings together your friends and family for a night of endless fun. However, playing party host can leave a gaping hole in your wallet. Here we give you a few tips and tricks that well help you economise.

Serve ware
Just because you are throwing a party doesn’t mean you need to go all out and buy yourself that 64-piece dinner set. It is always a better idea to use the cutlery you already have. Besides, in case someone shatters a plate on a drunken bender, you won’t feel all that bad. To serve up finger foods and soup, you can always gouge out the bread from a round loaf and fill it up with stir fried sausages or a salad. The bread soaks up all the juices and makes for a delicious midnight snack when the party is all but winding up.

Decorate yourself
So what if you are on a shoestring budget? You don’t need to worry about spending a portion of it on buying statement pieces for your party. Instead, make lamps out of old wine and beer bottles by putting in a string of fairy lights. If you have more time on hand, get hold of paper cups, cut a small ‘X’ on the base and cover the sides with a handmade paper of your choice. Next, insert a fairy light through the X you made on the paper cup and repeat so you have a mini lampshade for each fairy light. Also, gouge out a bit of flesh from apples and stick tea lights in the cavity. Scatter these around the house for some light and a conversation starter.

While finger food is great, you will need a substantial amount of it to satiate everyone’s appetite. Try including pasta, rice and potatoes in your menu. Not only are these items cheaper, but they also fill people up, which means you won’t have to slave in the kitchen for hours.

If you can’t afford to stock a complete bar with everyone’s preferences, come up with a signature cocktail and stock only the other staples you know your guests will drink. This not only cuts your costs in half, but everyone has something delicious to look forward to apart from the staples. Alternatively, if you are inviting only close friends ask them what they will drink and purchase accordingly. No point buying gin if all they are going to drink is beer.

Party favours
Instead of buying small trinkets to give to your guests as a little treat when they leave, make your own party favours. Get hold of old, empty glass jars lying around and give them a good scrub. Next, layer strawberries and cream alternately and cap it with the jar. Tie a ribbon around the lid and attach a personalized note for each person. You can also pack homemade cookies, body scrubs and chocolates. This is far more thoughtful than store-bought gifts.

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