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The Cheapest Way to Fine Dine

The Cheapest Way to Fine Dine

What Restaurant Week does well for two weeks, Gourmet it Up does better the entire year. The year-round service offers superior deals, often at a lower price with alcohol included!

In six weeks over three years, Restaurant Week has allowed us (if you’re from Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi) to dine fancy at lower rates. The last time it was held, in April 2013, you could get a three-course meal at the fanciest restaurants, some of them five-stars, at Rs1200 for dinner and Rs1000 for lunch and Rs750 for either meal in Bangalore. If you managed to get a booking at the fancier restaurants, you could save about a couple of thousand per person; even a visit to the cheaper restaurants, though, would lead to substantial savings.

But the introduction of Gourmet It Up, which has proven itself over the past year, makes Restaurant Week nearly irrelevant, at least if you’re from Mumbai (the website says services will soon extend to Delhi and Pune, too, so only Bangalore will have to wait). Mainly this is because it does what Restaurant Week does bi-annually all through the year, but it works even when you compare most of the deals.

First, let’s compare some of the deals:

Restaurant/Service Restaurant Week Gourmet It Up
Neel at Tote on the Turf If you went here during the sixth round of Restaurant Week, you paid Rs1200 for a three-course meal of kebabs, biryani and mishtan. The very same three-course meal would have been served to you for Rs900 if you had booked it on Gourmet it Up. The glass of sangria would’ve further sweetened the deal.
Hakkasan At Restaurant Week, you could pick one of six appetizers, including two soups, one of four entrees, one rice or noodle dish and one of three desserts. Gourmet It Up’s menu is more expensive than Rs1200, at Rs1900, but you can sample unlimited amounts of nearly everything that was on the Restaurant Week menu.
Botticino This five-star offered a set three-course menu to Restaurant Week customers at Rs1200. At Gourmet It Up, the same deal was marginally cheaper, at Rs1175.

When we compared the two services, we found that Gourmet It Up is nearly always cheaper when the same menus from the same restaurants are available. But even when this isn’t true, as in the case of Yauatcha, which is Rs99 more expensive on Gourmet It Up, the fact that the offer is usually available for longer than just a week, nearly ensuring you get a table and at not that much additional expense, makes it worth it. Here are a few more points you could compare the services on.

Details/Service Restaurant Week Gourmet It Up
Where Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore Mumbai only, soon to be launched in Delhi and Pune
Restaurants 20 of the fanciest, including some five-stars Changes often, dominated by high-end and five-star restaurants, but a few relatively affordable places are also available
When Two weeks a year (10 days in last instalment), usually April and September Throughout the year (some deals may be valid on weekdays only)
What you get Three-course meal At least a three-course meal, occasionally buffets, sometimes with unlimited wine or beer
Price Fixed at Rs1200 for dinner and Rs1000 for lunch for all participating restaurants Varies, according to the selection and whether or not alcohol is included

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