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The best government tourist hotels

The best government tourist hotels

The government-run ITDC hotels may not be consistently good. But if you do a bit of research, you’ll find that there are many that offer fine rooms at a very affordable price.

Government tourist hotels were launched with the India Tourist Development Corporation (ITDC) several decades ago. These hotels, present in nearly every tourist spot in the country, are often in the best of locations. Yet, as you’d expect from a government-run organisation, the prices are kept low. For example, a standard garden view air-conditioned room in Karla’s government resort will only cost you Rs2,300, whereas a similar room in a hotel nearby would cost you upwards of Rs4,000. But the problems we’re all familiar with from years of dealing with government-run organisations are very much there. With the ITDC, the problem is consistency. Some hotels are well-maintained, while others may be dreadful. Of course, you shouldn’t simply risk living in poor circumstances – nor do you need to ignore this option completely.

Hotel quality
Some government hotels are known to provide exceptional quality. Great location, a spectacular room and good service have made some ITDC properties well known in the country. Most hotels also have in-house restaurants which serve a wide variety of cuisines at cheap rates. This is not true for all government hotels, however. Many of them are known to provide exactly the opposite of good living conditions. Before settling for any hotel, we strongly recommend that you check its Tripadvisor rating and the reviews below. Also refer to pictures posted on the tourism departments’ websites. It will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Booking process
A few tourist resorts are listed on major online travel websites like Cleartrip and Expedia, while others have an online booking portal themselves. If both these options are not available, you will need to call up the hotel in advance and reserve a room for yourself and pay the tariff once you check-in. If you are travelling during the off-season, you may even be able to book on the spot as most of the hotels are huge, with many rooms.

How to find a government hotel?
You can find them online, most reliably via the tourist website of the state. For Maharashtra, for example, it is Rates and tariffs of a specific hotel are mostly provided online, but its best to confirm the rate by calling up the management directly, in case the rates aren’t updated. Or else, if you prefer dealing with the government in person, a local tourist centre will contain brochures of specific states or locations which you are interested in and provide you with information of various ITDC hotels in the vicinity.

Here are some good government hotels in India which you should consider on your next trip:

Hotel Saraswati, Katra, Jammu & Kashmir
Known for Low cost and close to major tourist attractions
Room tariff Rs850 for a standard room
Tripadvisor rating 4/5

MTDC Beach Resort, Ganapatipule, Maharashtra
Known for Close proximity to scenic beaches
Room tariff Rs2,500 for a deluxe AC room for two people per night
Tripadvisor rating 4/5

The Chail Palace, Tehsil Kandaghat, Himachal Pradesh
Known for Comfortable hut accommodations and serene locales
Room tariff Standard rooms start from Rs2,400 per night
Tripadvisor rating 4/5

Waterscapes KTDC Backwater Resort, Kumarokom, Kerala
Known for Peaceful ambience and surrounding.
Room tariff Deluxe AC rooms start from Rs6,000 for one night
Tripadvisor rating 4/5

MTDC Karla (Lonavala), Maharashtra
Known for Good in-house restaurant and water sports park.
Room tariff Standard rooms start from Rs1,400 per night for two people
Tripadvisor rating 3.5/5

Hotel Holiday Home, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Known for Very close to important tourist attractions
Room tariff Rs2,850 for a deluxe AC room for one night
Tripadvisor rating 3.5/5

Mainak Tourist Lodge, Siliguri, West Bengal
Known for Good in-house restaurant
Room tariff On request only
Tripadvisor rating 3.5/5

MTDC Holiday Resort, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
Known for Homely accommodation and good in-house restaurant
Room tariff Standard rooms start from Rs1,500 for two people per night
Tripadvisor rating 3/5

Farmagudi Residency, Ponda, Goa
Known for Good ambience and scenic surrounding locales
Room tariff Rs3,400 for a deluxe AC room per night
Tripadvisor rating 3/5

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