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Supermarket shopping tips

Supermarket shopping tips

Supermarkets are masters of trickery when it comes to making you spend more money than you planned. Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you don’t go overboard.

How many times have you gone to the supermarket only to return with an armful of products you didn’t intend to buy? That’s just how supermarkets do it. Here are our tips to ensure you return with exactly what you wanted to buy.

Cart issues No, you aren’t shrinking; supermarket trolleys are made big to encourage you to make big purchases. The bigger the cart, the less likely you are to just have one or two items rattling around in there. Try to stick to the hand basket instead.

The playlist Many supermarkets and department stores have an in-house radio station (Shoppers’ Stop and Reliance are among them). But, they are not there solely for entertainment. Retailers spend a lot of time creating pleasant playlists simply because a happy person is more likely to part with their money. Even in-house ads that use pleasing noises such as burger sizzling or baby giggling tap into your subconscious to make you spend more. We’re serious here. Combat this by bringing your own music.

Look around The items that a supermarket want you to pick up are always placed at eye level – these are also the most expensive products. For example, in the cereal section, bulk cereal and cheaper brands are placed on the lower shelves while healthier brands are usually placed higher. The expensive brands are usually right at eye level and at the end of the aisle. You can save money by just looking up or down when shopping.

Way Back Essentials such as dairy products are usually placed right at the back of the store (Nature’s Basket, D Mart and Hypercity use this tactic) to make customers (that’s you) walk through the entire supermarket to get what they need. Why? You’re more likely to see and pick up items while you walk through the aisles. Combat this clever trick by carrying a shopping list and sticking to it.

Beware your children Wonder how your child ends up with the sugar laden cereal or big packet of wafers? Easy to grab items are placed at children’s eye level. These items are usually very colourful to attract your child’s attention and make them beg their parents to purchase it.

Sense & Sensibility Walk into Hypercity and you’ll be greeted by the smell of freshly-baked bread. Many supermarkets place their in-house bakeries close to the entrance of the mall or bake bread to kick off your senses. Bread triggers off hunger and when you’re hungry you’re more likely to pick up food products you wouldn’t normally buy.

Sweet nothings Supermarkets love to prey on tired and hungry shoppers; that’s why energy-boosting sugary treats such as chocolate are placed at the checkout counter. Shopping while your fresh and well-fed is a good solution.

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