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Sunglasses under Rs1,500

Sunglasses under Rs1,500

Summer is just around the corner and your eyes need just as much care as your skin does. These sunglasses are super chic and light on your pocket too.

You might not know this, but sunglasses protect not just your pretty peepers from the harsh rays of the sun but the skin around it as well. But there are people who put off buying a pair because they think that sunglasses are too expensive. So, we bring our favourite picks that are pocket-friendly and trendy at the same time.


1) Metallic love
You can always trust Forever21 to have something super-trendy and chic like these grey metallic sunglasses with purple lenses. Besides, who wears all-black sunglasses anyway?
Price: Rs429


2) Tomboy funk
If all those pretty sunglasses aren’t your cup of tea, opt for these blue unisex sunglasses from footwear brand Vans. They also come in a shade of brown and are funky and edgy.
Price: Rs1,399
Where: Available at all Vans stores across the country.


3) Hippie groove
Love all things retro? Then these heart-shaped sunglasses from 20dresses are just for you. Not only are they retro-chic, but the blue and pink lenses make them super cute and stylish!
Price: Rs995


4) Hint of red
As we mentioned earlier, wearing all-black sunglasses are so passé, but if you still want to play it safe, opt for this pair from Concepts that have a red ribbon lining the frame’s arms. The hint of red makes this choice unique and doesn’t let your look get monotonous.
Price: Rs999


5) Purple love
Sunglasses with purple lenses are all the rage right now, and these shades by Fahrenheit should tell you exactly why. We also love the oversized look and the touch of silver that add élan and elegance to this stylish pair.
Price: Rs999

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