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Summer sandals under Rs1,000

Summer sandals under Rs1,000

With summer just around the corner, we bring you summer sandals that cost not more than Rs1,000. They will help you breathe easy in the heat and keep your feet stylish.

tive footwear becomes irritating on the feet. Take a look at our picks of open footwear which – at Rs1,000 or less – won’t set you back by too much.

Basic Blue


These basic blue slip-ons from Max are sure to last you well this summer as they are comfortable and versatile.
Price Rs549

Being Human: A great price

Being Human

This pair of flip flops from Being Human come at a really good price. They also come in trendy designs.
Price Rs699

Studded Chic


This pair of thong sandals from Qup is perfect if you want to add a little sparkle to your feet. The icy blue tones are great too.
Price Rs830

Classic Brown

Qup 2

Whether you are out shopping or heading for a lazy brunch, these brown slip-ons from Qup are great for any occasion and will pair with most outfits.
Price Rs830

Everyday wear 


These flip flops from Havaianas are comfortable and don’t pack too much bling, making them perfect for every day wear.
Price Rs980


Add a touch of neon to your ensemble with these cute, bright orange thong sandals from
Price Rs1,000

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