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Studying abroad? Get this card

Studying abroad? Get this card

The International Student Identity Card brings you great discounts, on purchases, hotels and even gadgets. And it’ll cost you much less than cab fare from the airport.

Bills can very quickly add up when you’re studying abroad, particularly with the rupee hitting a new low. You need to buy essentials every now and then, shop for groceries, pay for study material and even save up for the weekend! Perhaps you have your expenses figured out already, but if there’s one easy way to give yourself a bit of extra purchasing power each week, it’s the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Offered by the ISIC Association for the past 60 years, this card will make many of your purchases cheaper, whether you’re in the US, Australia, the UK or wherever else in the world.

What is it?
An ISIC is a student ID you can use in India or abroad which you can also use to save money on purchases. It is recognised in over 125 countries and has various business partners offering discounts on products and services. In fact, you can also get it as an Indian student but if you meet all the requirements (see ‘How to get it?’below), but we found the discounts to be lacking, as compared to those offered in more popular destinations for international students.

What you get?
Here are some examples of great benefits you can avail of with your ISIC card. We’ve included only large chains because they are better-known, but, in fact, the majority of the deals are for local businesses, particularly restaurants. To find out exactly what deals, you’ll get in your area, go here.

What? 60% off on TravelSim
Where? Online

What? Zero booking fee on
Where? Online

What? 30% off at Gloria Jeans
Where? Across Australia

What? 30% off on all Lonely Planet guides
Where? Available online

What? 10% off at Subway
Where? In the US and Europe

What? Free entry to Royal Albert Hall (limited availability)
Where? London

What? 60% off on The Economist
All of Europe (unfortunately, aside from the UK)

How to get it?
To get one, you need to be a full-time student aged between 12 and 26 years. You will need to prove that you are a student of an educational institution, in addition to a passport-sized photo. You can purchase it online, but it will take three to four weeks to be sent to you. If you need it urgently, you can go to Stic Travels offices (in Delhi, it’s at Connaught Circus, in Mumbai, Cuffe Parade), which can be found in most Indian cities, and get it for Rs562.

How to find deals?
Whiel you could simply log onto the ISIC website to find deals in your particular area, it would be far easier to access the mobile version (for iOS, Android and Windows phones) of the website.

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