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Smart tips for online fashion shopping

Smart tips for online fashion shopping

Shopping websites gives you as much information as they can to ensure you pick the right size and fit, but it’s never enough. We tell you the dos and don’ts of online clothes shopping.

Until recently, the more time you spent at home or work, the less money you spent. That’s changed, hasn’t it? We’re buying everything online and why not? It’s cheaper, quicker and convenient. As it was before, online shopping has a lot to do with clothes and accessories – stuff you can never really have enough of (or so it seems). But there’s a big problem here. While you wouldn’t buy stuff from a store without a trial room two years ago, you’re now having your new wardrobe shipped from you don’t even know where based on a handful of details. We’re convinced you’ve bought at least a few things you’ve either given away or never used at all. Read the following and it will all stop:

Size matters: You may know your size, but brands don’t stick to the rules. Fashion may be universal, but no one has agreed on size. UK differs from US and small in one country may be a large in another. So first you need to check the size chart and then find out your size for the brand. Some websites, particularly those that only deal in clothes (Koovs, for example) always have size charts up. However, most don’t (including Flipkart and Myntra). What you need to do in these cases is visit the brand’s official website. Also, read the reviews of people who must have bought the same piece. If the apparel has size issues, you’ll know from the reviews.
Shopping tip: If it’s a popular brand that has a store nearby, why not try out what you like for size, then buy online at a cheaper price?

Stick to reputed brands: In person, you can tell quality fabric from cheap material. Not so online; so a bargain on a budget brand may not be the way to go. Unless you’re familiar with the brand, of course. If a friend or relative has taken the risk and been happy with the results, we’re all for saving on a good budget brand.
Shopping tip: If you’re genuinely unhappy with the quality of the budget brand, ask for your money back instead of store credit. The call centre would be hostile to such a request, but if you’re firm, you’re likely to win.

Or read the reviews: If there’s a budget brand you’re desperate to try, you should read the reviews before you hit buy. The comments section of a website should have enough material (unless you’re an early adopter), though you could find user reviews elsewhere on the web, too. Weed out the ones that don’t seem genuine and make a decision.
Shopping tip: If there are multiple things you like from the same brand, buy only one item the first time. Free shipping, after all.

Call before: If unsure of something, always call customer care. Clarify everything you want to about the item, particularly if it’s jewellery. By doing this, you will also be able to gauge how likely customer care is to resolve any problems you may have with your order.
Shopping tip: If customer care is unhelpful, reaching them on social media is a surefire way to getting (genuine) problems solved.

Return policy: Ensure that the website that you are shopping from has lenient and convenient return policies. Some websites, in case of exchange, expect you to courier the item to them on your own and they offer to pay for the courier charges. If that seems like a hassle to you, ensure that you have read about their return policies in detail. If you don’t have the time for it, call their customer care and get clarity on various scenarios with respect to returning.
Shopping tip: Read our comparison of shopping websites’ return policies.

Pre-purchase checklist

– Measure your foot every time you make a purchase.
– Just as with clothes, brands may not use the same size chart. Find out what your shoe size is as per their chart.
– Preferably buy from a reputed brand.
– Avoid buying heels as you can’t tell how comfortable will be until you wear them.

– Measure yourself properly before buying.
– Play close attention to the material in the description. If it’s any different, send it back.
– Bear in mind how it will look on your body and don’t just go by how it looks on the model donning it.

– Preferably, don’t buy rings from a website as they don’t have sizes listed on them.
– While buying neck pieces and bracelets, ensure that it has multiple hooks on the end to adjust its size.
– In the case of bags, don’t go by the size that you see in the pictures as they are often enlarged, making the bags seem huge.
– Always check the bag’s size mentioned in the description and take a measuring tape to see how big the bag will actually be.

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