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Smaller jeans brands worth buying

Smaller jeans brands worth buying

A pair of jeans can be expensive, but the common consensus is that only the big brands make them right. We disagree. Two stylists tell us which lesser-known brands are worth trying out.

Remember when you could get a pair of branded jeans for under Rs1,000? Neither do we. With prices for everything hitting the roof, it’s no surprise that branded jeans have skyrocketed. Even a basic pair would set you back around Rs3,500. But that’s only if you’re looking at Levi’s, GAS, Diesel, Pepe, Lee and the other big brands. We’re willing to go cheap with t-shirts and all other clothing, so aren’t there smaller brands that can make good jeans?

Mumbai-based stylist Payal Jain tells us, “Brands such as OVS industry, FGT and Jealous 21 are inexpensive brands but offer quality items. Also, a few retailers at Reliance Trends, Pantaloons and Westside are some good options as they offer a good quality product without compromising on the latest styles and trends. Their prices are good, too.”

If you want something that’s even cheaper than these store-bought varieties, stylist Nitasha Gaurav suggests (if you live in Mumbai) heading to the line of Bangkok shops in Bandra. But, she agrees that there are good options online, too. She says, “If you’re looking for non-branded jeans, shops such as Khodal and the line of Bangkok shops on Hill Road and Linking Road in Bandra are good options. But, shopping websites such as Jabong and Shopnineteen also have great denim clothing. You get trendy styles and it’s all value for money!” Take a look at a few places to shop for jeans without breaking the bank:

Reliance Trends
If you’re not looking to shop cheap, head to any of the Reliance Trends stores. They stock a surprisingly reasonable selection. Visit any of their outlets and you’ll find denims starting at Rs700 or Rs800. While they won’t compare to the big brands, these denims are a great buy at the price.
Where Over a 100 stores across India

Pantaloons isn’t as cheap as most brands listed here, but they also offer better quality. In fact, they’re a good option for even budget formal wear. Their denim collection, JM Sport for men and Honey for women, starts as low as Rs1,199, going up to Rs3,000. If you’re looking for a good straight fit without an acid wash, Pantaloons has a wide selection, unlike many of the larger brands.
Where All over India

While the site does have several brands at lower prices too, don’t take the unbranded variety for granted. With prices that range between Rs799 to Rs1,000, the women’s collection includes straight as well as skinny cuts. Guys can opt for slim fit jeans and washed denims that start from Rs795. Brands such as People, TNG and John Players are our picks of the lot for guys.

This website is just for women, but it has a great range of basic blue, dark denim and brightly coloured jeans and you can get them all for an affordable Rs1,399 – so we couldn’t not mention it! Sizes start from a 26 waist and they fit well enough for you to never have to miss your brands. They have both cotton, cotton spandex and denim options.
Tired of the usual variety and want jeans that have cutting edge style, without the cutting edge prices? Here’s where you should log on. The site has skinny and slim fits but also have ankle cropped white denims for women and coloured, tapered denim for men. They fit great, are of good quality and with prices starting from Rs1,900, you can look like you’ve just stepped off the runway without feeling like your pocket’s just been pinched.

The Tata brand may be better known for its ethnic designs, but it has always had a wide collection of denims and t-shirts. In fact, they have three brands – Westsport, Neon and ETA – for denim wear. The first favours traditional designs, while the other two resemble feature more modern cuts. All colours available, so don’t think you’ll have to settle for a boring blue. Prices start at Rs1,099, going up to Rs2,500.
Where Most major metros

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