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Secret Santa shopping ideas

Secret Santa shopping ideas

If you’re wondering what you should gift your co-worker this Christmas, here’s a handy guide. Get ideas for gifts that would suit your boss or your colleagues.

It’s really hard to find gifts for a co-worker. Sure, you could get him or her a diary, pen or organizer, but they’re certainly not going to want you as Secret Santa the next year around. If you have no time to put your thinking cap on, while ensuring you stay within the low budget that’s been set, you’re in luck. Here are a few low-budget gift ideas you could use.

The safe bet: Mugs

magic mug_1

A coffee mug is perhaps the best gift to give a co-worker you don’t know too well. But, how do you make this somewhat common present stand out? Websites such as and have mugs which cost as less as Rs300, yet have unique and fun designs. You can also get personalised mugs from

Electronic accessories   
With everyone sporting tablets and smart phones, electronic accessories are also a great gifting option. You’ll find a plethora of covers online, as well as at electronic stores in the city. If you don’t know the person well, a safe option is to find what sports team or music band they like the best and get a themed cover. We also love the range of tablet sleeves on Priced at around Rs1,000 per piece, they have cool designs that can even be personalised with a picture.

Items for the desk
Another foolproof option is to gift items that can be placed on their work desk. But, we aren’t talking about pen stands — while they can make for thoughtful gifts, there’s a lot more quirky stuff out there. has a collection of posters on a mini-easel. These posters have funny or motivational quotes and make for great gifts. Apart from that, quirky pen drives, pens shaped like feathers, hipflasks with funny quotes, bookmarks and organiser sets are some other options that you can look for. We recommend you also check out the websites and

You can’t go wrong with Food!

The Cocoa Tress_Christmas collection_3

You can never go wrong with food, especially when it’s in the form of chocolates or dessert. From The Cocoa Trees to Foodhall in Palladium, you’ll find a number of interesting food hampers that will make gifting easier. One of our favourites is Mad Over Donut’s range of Cakelings. Available in cute packaging of one, three or six, you can choose from a variety of flavours and at Rs65 for a Cakeling, they’re quite pocket-friendly too.

The final option — vouchers
Don’t have much time to think of a gift? Or are you at an absolute loss as to what to gift your colleague? Well, for those times, vouchers can come in handy. Get vouchers from bookstores for the bibliophile, while a voucher from their favourite fashion brand will be a great choice for the shopaholic. Sure, they aren’t the best of gifts, but something’s better than nothing, right? Combine them with a cute card and a box of chocolates and you should be good.

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