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Save or Splurge: Summer essentials

Save or Splurge: Summer essentials

With the arrival of summer in India you have to take extra care of yourself – from your skin to hair. With these products make sure you don’t splurge if you don’t need to.

The summer has hit the sub-continent now and it becomes necessary to look after yourself, from keeping your hair lustrous to preventing skin damage from the harsh sun. But you don’t have to spend large sums to keep your skin stress-free and perspiration at bay. Take a look at these products which will help you brace for the summer.

Waterproof sunscreen
If you’re going to be spending most of your time outdoors or if you like to beat the heat in a swimming pool, you’ll need a good waterproof sunscreen.

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Save Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel – SPF 50: Gel sunscreens are better for your skin that cream-based ones. This particular one has an SPF of 50, leaves your skin oil-free and controls oil and sweat for at least half a day.
Price Rs295 for a 50g bottle

Splurge Banana Boat Sport Performance Broad Spectrum – SPF 50: Banana Boat is the go-to sunscreen for several sun chasers and although it’s sweat-resistant and also non-greasy, it’s not easily available in small packaging, which means you’ll have to shell out a pretty penny to get hold of it.
Price Rs1,765 for a 236ml bottle

Oil blotting tissues
No, these are not just for women! Men also need oil blotting tissues to help get rid of excessive oil accumulation in a jiffy.

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Save Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: Extremely effective and well-priced, these oil blotting tissues are definitely value-for-money. The best part is that they remove excess oil without smudging your makeup.
Price Rs95

Splurge Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Blotting Tissues: The tea-tree oil makes them a tempting option, since it is extremely good for your skin. They absorb oil quickly without leaving your face feeling dry.
Price Rs225

Want to stay sweat-free and smell great through the summer? Your options may be varied, but you can fit a tight budget, too.

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Save Dove Go Fresh Cool Essentials: With a fresh scent, this deodorant will not rub off on your clothes, making it a great option for the summer, when you’ll be wearing a lot of light colours. It keeps sweat and bad odours at bay.
Price Rs240

Splurge Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant: This deodorant and antiperspirant keeps sweat as well as odour at bay all through the day. It’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t have a smell that’s too musky or too sweet, if you don’t mind the (comparitively) hefty price tag.
Price Rs650

Dry Shampoo
If you need you hair looking perfectly styled but don’t have time to wash and dry it, dry shampoos are your best bet.

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Save Batiste Dry Shampoo: What we love most about this shampoo is that it’s available in a range of scents. From floral and “citrus-y” to coconut and fruit scents, you can take your pick. It leaves little to no residue and works in a minute. Literally.
Price Rs550

Splurge Victoria’s Secret Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo: With no residue, a great scent and amazing hair refreshing powers, this should be your go-to shampoo when you’re in a hurry.
Price Rs850

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