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Same meal, different price

Same meal, different price

If you don’t want to spend a bomb at your favourite restaurant chain, you can save on eating out just by going to a different branch. We list out the options you have.

Le Pain Quotidien
The popular bakery has quite a few branches across the city. And while we love the sit down ambiance the Colaba branch offers, the smaller Powai branch seems to please those who want to indulge in LPQ’s offerings without spending a bomb. While many of the dishes are sold at the same price, we’ve found a few that are cheaper at their Powai outlet – especially the desserts!

Meal Powai Colaba
Fresh fruit salad Rs75-95 Rs90-125
Belgian waffle w/ fruit & nuts Rs225 Rs250
Cappuccino Rs130 Rs140
Vegetable soup of the day Rs195 Rs225
Tuscan sharing platter Rs550 Rs595
Apple crumble cake Rs195 Rs275
Belgian chocolate brownie Rs195 Rs250
Soft-centred chocolate cake Rs195 Rs275

Cafe Mangii
We love, love, love the food at Cafe Mangii. Sadly this doesn’t bode too well for our wallet. But, if you want to enjoy the food and not feel the pinch, head down to their Andheri branch. While there’s a nominal difference in their sides and salads, the cost of their mains is remarkably reduced. The folks here were even kind enough to give us a reason, saying, “The reason the price varies is because although the dish is essentially the same, the preparation methods and ingredients vary.”

Meal Andheri Khar
Minestrone soup Rs215 Rs255
Exotic mushroom soup Rs245 Rs255
Watermelon & feta salad Rs335 Rs345
Spaghetti with salmon Rs545 Rs525
Minute steak Rs455 Rs525
Regina pizza Rs525 Rs615

We’re salivating just thinking about the food at Imbiss and even though the prices are more expensive at their Colaba outlet, they’re still extremely value-for-money considering the quantity and quality of the food you’re served. The Colaba outlet is a fine-dining, sit-down restaurant (things such as the sausage platter have more variety here) while the Bandra outlet is smaller, with a much more limited menu (favourites such as the Slim Jims and Ox Tail are sorely missed). We prefer the Colaba outlet, but if you’re in Bandra looking for some extremely affordable and delicious meat meals – this ‘meating’ joint has great, reduced prices.

Meal Bandra Colaba
Hungarian Goulash Rs120 Rs185
Weiner Schnitzel Rs180 Rs225
Eggplant Schnitzel Rs130 Rs200
Chorizo Rice Rs150 Rs200
Beef Roast Rs180 Rs225
Lamb and Mint Sausage Rs120 Rs200
Spicy Dried Beef Jerky Rs75 Rs100
Picked Quail Eggs Rs50 Rs125
Signature Sausage Platter Rs180 Rs250

Out of the Blue
The Out of the Blue menus at Khar and Powai are quite different, but a number of the same dishes are priced differently – most of which are cheaper at Khar, barring some such as the prawns which are surprisingly, slightly cheaper at Powai. The Powai outlet seems more up-scale, although we’ve visited both and think they’re on par. If we had to guess, we’d have thought Khar would have been pricier! The pastas at Powai are priced differently because they have both small and large options but overall, Khar is a cheaper option.

Meal Khar Powai
Crispy fried babycorn tempura Rs175 Rs225
Mezze platter Rs255 Rs295
Stuffed mushroom Rs265 Rs320
Barby sauteed prawns Rs255 Rs215
Cheese fondue Rs525 Rs695
Sundried tomato risotto Rs355 Rs375
Chicken in lemon sauce Rs395 Rs415
Milkshakes Rs155 Rs180
Virgin pina colada Rs195 Rs225

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