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Refurbishing services for your shoes

Refurbishing services for your shoes

Instead of throwing away your old favourite, give a shoe refurbishing service a try. Chances are you’ll get your shoes back as good as new, for a fraction of the price of a new pair.

Your old pair of shoes could be salvaged by your roadside cobbler, but expectations are never high. It’s a very temporary arrangement and within a couple of weeks you might find the same problem reoccurring. At their prices, however, you probably can’t expect much more. But next time you’re in this situation, though, keep in mind that you have the option of refurbishing your shoes. These outlets promise to deliver your knackered footwear as good as new at affordable prices. Here’s a list of the services they offer, followed by their pricing and promises.

Cleaning and washing
All outlets offer this as a basic service, but they don’t offer just a basic job. What they do is launder your shoes, making them as good-looking as when they were brand new.

Shoe repair
Damaged sole? No problem. Detached rubber lining? Not an issue. They can repair the wear and tear effects on your shoes. They also repair broken heels and will redo the stitching on your leather shoes.

Colour correction
Particularly in India, there’s no way to escape fading. The rougher the usage of the shoes, the more you’ll require the facility.

Other services
Wearing old shoes can get uncomfortable after they lose their shape or sole cushioning. These can also be corrected by shoe refurbishing outlets. Shoe-waterproofing, anti-fungal treatments and heel cushioning services are also offered.

Where can you get your shoes refurbished?

All services mentioned above are offered at ShoeVival, including a pick-up and drop facility. The store policy claims to return back your shoes within three days if it has been given for cleaning. However the timeframe of repairs and colour corrections are decided upon after an inspection of your footwear.
Where? Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Indore, Surat and Coimbatore.
Price range Rs180 onwards, inclusive of pick-up and drop
Warranty on repairs Not available

Mr. Pronto
Mr. Pronto claims its prices are unmatched by other outlets. It certainly has the lowest base price, but these cobblers will only give you an estimate on inspection. So you can’t say which will be cheapest. The brand will also refurbish briefcases, handbags and suitcases. The maximum time they claim to take for cleaning and repairing is two days; this timeframe cannot, however, be guaranteed for shoe repairs.
Where? Bangalore, Chennai and New Delhi
Price range Rs130 onwards
Warranty on repairs Two months

The Shoe Men
Operating only in the National Capital Region, The Shoe Men also provides all the shoe refurbishing services mentioned above. They will also pick-up and drop off your shoes for an extra charge. Besides footwear, The Shoe Men can also refurbish your handbags and other accessories. The company promises to deliver your shoes back to you within four days, but repair work can take longer.
Where? NCR
Price range Rs250 onwards
Warranty on repairs Three months

Based out of New Delhi, this shoe laundry services promises your shoes and bags a ‘spa’ treatment. Apart from cleaning, they undertake colour-restoration and repair services. They also have a range of parts such as insoles, buckles and laces, making it easier to refurbish your favourite pair of shoes. They offer no warranty.
Where? NCR
Price range Rs299 onwards
Warranty on repairs Not available

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