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Monsoon wear under Rs2,000

Monsoon wear under Rs2,000

This year's souped up monsoon requires all the gear possible to keep you dry. We've got umbrellas, ponchos, flip-flops, sandals, phone protectors and still kept it to Rs2,000.

It’s been a difficult monsoon. Just a couple of weeks in and you’ve probably been stranded in the rain at least a couple of times (at least we have). What’s the problem? No umbrella yet? No rain shoes? Or are you worried your shiny new smartphone will malfunction? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. Just match the numbers in the list below to the numbers in the picture above. If you like them, click on the links (where given) to buy.

1. Unisex poncho from Beach Company for Rs520
This rather convenient poncho comes with a micro pouch you can clip on to your bag.

2. Striped umbrella from Westside for Rs499
They have a website, but you need to go to the store to make a purchase. Fortunately, it’s more than likely you live near enough to one.

3. Phone protector from for Rs349
A phone protector to keep your most expensive purchase absolutely safe in the rain. There’s just one seller for it, so hurry over there if you’re interested.

4. Women’s shoes from Tradus for Rs.549/Men’s sandals from Westside for Rs299
Yes, they cost much more than the men’s sandals, ladies, but they’re worth it. Only available in sizes five, six and seven when we last checked, though. The guys will have to just trust us and head over to Westside to check out the sandals.

5. Disney slippers from for Rs262
Light-weight, casual and cheap flip-flops for the monsoons for your child.

6. Children’s umbrella from for Rs.199
It’s an umbrella with ears! Need we say more?

Accessories we like
Splash box from Beach Company for Rs.550
Whether you’re going for swim or just walking in the rain, keep your cards and valuables drip-free.

Bubble shield from for Rs.899
The phone protector will help, but this is the real deal if you want to keep your phone dry at all times.

Waterproof wallet from for Rs.1099
The best way to ensure your money, cards, licence, and passport photos all stays dry.

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