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Money-saving sale shopping tips

Money-saving sale shopping tips

With end-of-season sales just around the corner, we bring you money-saving shopping tips to ensure you get the best deals, avoid amateur mistakes and have the easiest experience.

With sale season upon us, it’s the best time to get more bang for your buck. But, for every sale gem that you find, you will probably make at least 10 missteps – you may buy things you don’t need, buy the wrong size and, worst of all, fall into a spending frenzy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Just follow our shopping tips and you’ll be handling sales like a pro.

Know your size
A week before your favourite brand goes on sale (scour websites, newspapers and magazines to find out the exact date of the sale) visit the store as it will be less crowded. Try on garments so that you know what size clothes you need from that particular brand. This way, on the day of the sale, you can breeze in and find clothes you like (in your size) and won’t have to waste hours in line at the changing room.

Wear your headphones
Ever notice how you immediately leave a sale and instantly feel calmer? The music that major retail stores play is often frenzied dance music. It’s not just a random playlist but a calculated move on the part of major brands to pep up customers and make them energetic. An enthusiastic and active shopper is more likely to pick up more clothes items – often what they don’t need. To stay calm and avoid unwanted purchases, carry your own music player and listen to relaxed music so that you don’t make bad shopping decisions.

Shop on Thursday
Stores know that most people shop on the weekend so they begin preparing their stores on Thursday. You’ll find that brands such as Mango and Zara bring out their sale items in batches. While you might not find the shirt you were looking for on Monday, you’re more likely to snag it closer to the weekend. By shopping on a Thursday, you can have the best selection paired with the best prices.

Start early
The early bird often catches the best deals. The best time to shop during a sale is as soon as the store opens in the morning or in the afternoon (2-3pm). The queues to the changing rooms are shorter and less people means that you can browse in peace. Avoid shopping post 6pm as you’ll get the working crowd and the 11am-1pm slot as stay-at-home mothers are usually free to hit the shops at this time.

Dress the part
Changing in and out of clothes, darting from one store to the other, constantly walking around trying to look for a great buy – shopping during sales is an exhausting affair. So, if you want to make the most of the sales, dress comfortably so that you can walk around in ease and change in and out of clothes fast.

Stick to the classics
Sales are not the time to try new styles. Remember the reason why that neon pair of harem pants is 70% off is because it’s not going to be in fashion next season. It’s best to stick to wardrobe staples during a sale. A good suit or a little black dress is a much savvier purchase than a spiked handbag or metallic shoes.

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