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Make your readymade sari for cheap

Make your readymade sari for cheap

Don’t know how to drape a sari? No need to buy a readymade sari just yet. You can make one instead. It will be much, much cheaper, with a better fit too.

Some of you may be able to drape a sari in minutes, but for us nouveau drapers, wearing a sari could take up to an hour. Getting the pleats just right, tugging and pulling till everything falls in a crisp, straight line skimming the top of your toes without tripping you over – it’s quite a challenge. So, in waltzed the suit, the gown and the dress, leaving the poor sari by the wayside.

Then in came the innovators – people ready to give those who wanted, but couldn’t drape, saris. So, what exactly is a readymade sari? Well, your petticoat, pleats and pallu are all stitched up together, making it all look like a layered skirt before it’s worn. All you have to do is slip it on, throw the pallu over your shoulder and voila – you’re in a sari in a jiffy.

The only problem? They’re really expensive. These saris, available at Zanaaya Couture and Seasons, among other high-end brands, start at around Rs12,000, going way up to Rs50,000.

Zanaaya Couture: Designer Shouger Merchant Doshi makes shopping for saris that much easier with her readymade saris on display at her shop in Mumbai and her website, from where you can order across the country. The range retails from Rs15,000 to Rs50,000.

Seasons: The pretty saris can go up to several thousands, but you can get a basic readymade sari from Rs12,000.
Where Outlets across the country/

If you believe that’s a waste of money, even if it would be really convenient, here’s a great option. Make your own readymade sari. It’s a two-step process, which could take a few days, but it will save you plenty year after year. What’s more is that while readymade saris may not be in a design you like, you’ll get just what you want if you do it yourself.

Stitch it up Instead of paying Rs12,000 to Rs50,000 just because the sari is readymade, go ahead and stitch up exactly what you want. If your eye catches one in gorgeous georgette with zardozi work on the pallu, you can turn this into a readymade sari. Just go to any local sari shop or tailor and ask for the pleats to be stitched. All they do is measure your waist (so you just have to make sure you maintain your weight!) and stitch up the pleats. Draping becomes a dream then because in two wraps and a tuck – you’re all done. The best part? Shops that you buy your saris from don’t charge extra for this stitching and your local tailor – well, you can haggle with him for a better price!
Where Local sari shops and tailors in your city

Top to bottom But you still need to buy the blouse and the petticoat if you’re going to stitch it up yourself. Simply pick them up from a readymade one from a store or website. We know that stitching to the perfect fit is the best option, but when time is a luxury you can’t afford (we know how troublesome and time consuming dealing with a tailor can be) here are two good options for you.

Mandira Bedi: Want to rock the noodle strap look that Mandira made famous? Well, head over to her store and pick up a readymade blouse for Rs4,000 and petticoat for Rs2,500.
Where Khar (W) Mumbai but she is looking to start an online store for an all-over India presence soon

Jabong: This site not only delivers all over the country, the blouses can cost as little as Rs785 – so you don’t have to spend too much on the blouse. No matter what colour or style you’re looking for, they’ve got it.

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