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Loyalty clubs of car companies

Loyalty clubs of car companies

Car manufacturers are willing to go an extra mile to make sure you’ll stay with them when you’re considering your next car. Join their loyalty clubs for great benefits down the road.

Car companies don’t just want to make that sale. They want you to have a great all-round experience so that you’re with them no matter if it’s your second, third or fifth car you’re buying. Or at least that’s what their intention is with their customer loyalty programmes. Not all manufacturers have full-fledged loyalty clubs. Ford, Maruti and Tata have clubs for their entire range, Hyundai and Mahindra have on certain models, while a few don’t have any at all. The benefits include discounts on your next purchase, fuel surcharge waiver and even freebies like IPL tickets at your preferred stadium. Read on to find what benefits your car company gives you with their loyalty programme:

Maruti Suzuki Loyalty Program
Benefits You can opt for a free SBI Maruti Card or a Maruti Suzuki Auto Card at zero cost. The SBI Maruti Card gives you 4 points on every Rs100 you spend at a Maruti store and 1 point for Rs125 on any retail spends. You can get 3,000 auto points for exchanging your Maruti car with a new one and 1,000 points if you refer a friend to buy from the company. The Maruti Suzuki Auto Card gives you 3 points for every Rs100 spent at a Maruti store, with its exchange and referral schemes being the same as the SBI Maruti Card. Other benefits include additional discounts on car exchange and fuel surcharge waivers.
Eligibility Should be a Maruti Suzuki car owner

Ford BlueOval Club
Benefits As part of The BlueOval Club, you can earn what Ford calls CarGainz privilege points. For each servicing of your car or purchase of spare parts at a Ford store, you are awarded points at 1 per Rs100 spent, which can be redeemed for Ford services, spares and gear. You can also earn loyalty points according to your old car’s value while buying a new Ford car.
Eligibility After buying a Ford car, enroll to the Ford’s BlueOval Club at the sales store. All BlueOval Club members can opt for the CarGainz programme at no extra charge. However, you can redeem only after six months are over from the time of your enrollment.

Tata Empower Card
Benefits This card is designed for cricket lovers. Besides offering you free IPL tickets when the season is on and you also get discounts at all Tata stores like Croma, Westside and Starbucks. You can also redeem points at Jet Airways for discounted tickets. You can earn up to 4% value back points on your purchases at any Tata or partner store in the country.
Eligibility Should be a Tata car owner

Mahindra Purple Club
Benefits With the Purple Club membership, you can get access to the Mahindra Great Escape event, an off-road adventure trip. You can also get invitations to popular auto-related events. For priority car service check-ups, free pick-up and drop facility is provided along with priority attention and round-the-clock roadside assistance. This membership also gives you access to holidays from Club Mahindra for a one-time two night three day stay.
Eligibility Should be a Mahinda XUV500 owner

Hyundai 5-star Assurance Program
Benefits The loyalty programme is designed to offer 360-degree services ranging from roadside assistance to maintenance checks to Hyundai owners. You can get free maintenance for three years or 40,000 kilometres, whichever is earlier. Besides this, you can also get an exchange and loyalty bonus of Rs15,000 on your new Hyundai car, comprehensive motor insurance for Re1 and free roadside assistance for two years.
Eligibility Should be a Hyundai i10 or Santro owner

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