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Last minute Valentine’s gifts

Last minute Valentine’s gifts

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, most people are putting the finishing touches on their gifts. If you haven't figured what you are doing yet, here are some great last minute ideas.

So you thought that this year wouldn’t be like the others and that you would actually have a V-Day plan in place much before the day itself. But if things haven’t gone as per plan this Valentine’s Day and you still don’t have a gift for your loved one take a look at our last-minute V-Day gift ideas that all cost under Rs1,000 and look thoughtful too.

Frame it
Is there a picture of the two of you that your partner absolutely loves? Or a letter you once wrote your partner that really touched him/her. If yes, then you are in luck. Take the photograph or love note and get it framed. This should only take a day or two and will cost you around Rs500. If you don’t have a letter, a great idea would be to write one. Put some thought into it and write from the heart. If you have no time to spare, pop into a store and buy a ready made frame. If you can’t come up with a letter, put your computer skills to use and print out her favourite love quote, lyric or dialogue and have that framed instead. It shows that you are attentive and that you care too.

All together now
You spent an unimaginable amount of time strolling through every store at the mall trying to find those earrings or cuff-links your partner liked the other day, but failed to find it and now you have nothing at all? Don’t worry. Instead of wasting more time trying to locate the pair, change the idea of the gift altogether. Put together a hamper with your partner’s favourite snacks, beverages and a movie or two. Decorate it with little notes/post-its and top it off with a huge bow. A few treats and a movie or two will come to under Rs1,000 and your partner will love reading the notes and will appreciate the thought you put into each item. What’s better, is that you have a ready kit for a fun date when you just want to stay indoors.

Say it with words
If your partner appreciates a good book, a collection of verses or poetry on love is sure to go down well with them. Get hold of a copy and write your own love note or couplet on the inside. This super romantic gift is sure to be remembered by your partner for years to come and each time he/she opens the book, your note is there to greet them.

How ‘Charm’-ing
If you can’t think of something entirely unique and one-of-a-kind, get your partner a charm bracelet. They typically cost around Rs300-Rs800 and you can get her charms of places and things that are special to both of you. Take it one step further by giving her a note that holds a clue to every charm you are getting her and ask her to guess what the charm could be. This makes for a really special trinket.

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