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Is there a ‘cheapest’ supermarket?

Is there a ‘cheapest’ supermarket?

If you believe going the extra mile to a supermarket offering great discounts was going to save you a whole lot of money, you’re wrong; the discounts ultimately even out.

This Diwali, many supermarkets will go on a discount spree trying to lure you in with great looking deals and offers. But should you prefer a mall advertising larger discounts than the one near you? The discounts, although real when compared to tagged retail prices of products, do not vary a lot between different supermarkets. We checked prices of 20 essential household items at four different supermarkets, including the online grocer Local Banya, and here’s what we found:

Product Quantity Local Banya D Mart Star Bazaar Reliance Mart
Onions 1kg Rs71.25 Rs74 Rs58 Rs58
Potatoes 1kg Rs19.8 Rs26 Rs20 Rs17
Fortune Rice Bran Oil 5ltr Rs563.5 Rs525 Rs575 Rs570
Tata salt 1kg Rs15.2 Rs15 Rs14.5 Rs16
Rice surti kolam loose 1kg Rs59.15 Rs53 Rs51 Rs52
Kohinoor basmati rice 1kg Rs161.7 Rs129.8 Rs140.6 Rs109
Masoor dal 1kg Rs62.56 Rs63.5 Rs63 Rs82
Moong dal 1kg Rs85.56 Rs87 Rs81 Rs83
Lizol floor cleaner 2ltr Rs225.4 Rs220 Rs230 Rs230
Vim bar 500g Rs41.16 Rs34 Rs35 Rs38
Amul butter 500g Rs158.76 Rs147 Rs153.5 Rs162
Amul ghee 1ltr Rs325.36 Rs318 Rs356 Rs340
Tomatoes 1kg Rs28.8 Rs23 Rs22 Rs22
Pillsbury chakki fresh atta 5kg Rs203.7 Rs210 Rs164.5 Rs195
Kellogs cornflakes 250g Rs86.24 Rs88 Rs88 Rs88
Amul Taaza milk 1ltr Rs49 Rs48 Rs50 Rs49
Danone plain yoghurt 400g Rs47.04 Rs42 Rs35 Rs48
Bru instant coffee powder 200g Rs286.12 Rs272 Rs290 Rs280
Tata tea gold 1kg Rs380.24 Rs388 Rs416 Rs408
Tide washing powder 2kg Rs180.32 Rs159 Rs142 Rs170
Total Rs3,050.86 Rs2,922.3 Rs2,985.1 Rs3,017

*All prices as on October 15

No doubt supermarkets offer great discounts on MRPs of products. However, it might not be worthwhile to skip the hypermarket near you in the hope of saving more at the next one. The maximum difference in price on a bill of around Rs3,000 was under Rs100. So the price difference is only 3% between D-Mart and Reliance Mart. Only if you are looking to buy a specific product in bulk, onions or basmati rice for example, it would be useful to check around for the best discount.

The Local Banya benefit
Although the total bill wasn’t the cheapest amongst the lot at Local Banya, the convenience it offers you cannot be questioned. You can shop for items by browsing through their list at home and arrange a delivery at your convenience. The cash on delivery option is available as well, giving you the chance to check your products before paying for them.

Delivery of products is usually reserved to the day after you shop and is done free of cost if your total bill is over Rs500. For bills below that, Rs30 is charged as delivery fee. If you would prefer getting your ordered items on the same day, you can opt for the express delivery which will cost you a further Rs30. Still worth it if there’s no hypermarket near your house.

Shopping at Local Banya has its benefits besides the convenience of shopping from home. Browsing times are faster compared to physically sourcing products at a supermarket. Also long checkout queues and hassle for finding parking spaces are avoided. The only drawback is not having your products delivered on the same day for free, but if you are willing to wait a day or pay a little extra, the Local Banya option is worth it.

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