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If you had just one: Suit

If you had just one: Suit

What it you had the budget for just one piece of expensive clothing or accessory? Designers Pawan Sachdeva and Rajdeep Ranawat brief us on the one kind of suit we should have.

How often would you use a suit? For most of us, it would add up to three to five times a year, no more. Yet, you need it to spend a good amount of money on one because you’ll be wearing your suit to the most important occasions of any year. So how do you make the equation work? You buy the right suit, of course. You need a style and colour that works at all occasions that would call for a suit and durable material. We get two designers to tell us what combination you would need for your one suit.

Fit and style
Pawan Sachdeva: Go in for a single-breasted jacket. Its key advantage over the double breasted suit is that it can be worn unbuttoned and is more slimming to the waist. More importantly, it can also be teamed with jeans/chinos for a more casual look. So it’s versatile. Buttons are all about personal preference. Two buttons are conservative, while one button lends a sleek look. For trousers, stick to flat fronted, straight-legged or bootcut.
Rajdeep Ranawat: The fit needs to be impeccable and should only enhance the shape of the body and not add bulk. The classic style works best is a single-breasted, lapel collar, double-button jacket.

Pawan Sachdeva: Go in for black, gray or navy.
Rajdeep Ranawat: The darker the colour, the more confident I feel. So black, charcoal, navy or brown.

Pawan Sachdeva: If it’s going to be an everyday suit, wool is not the most durable. Stick to a wool mix; it will give you the most value for money. Stay away from the synthetic suits.
Rajdeep Ranawat: Silk wool in vintage pin-stripes or houndstooth.

Pawan Sachdeva: Virgin/pure wool suits tend to be of the best quality.
Quality: The quality of stitching has to be perfect. The hand hemming should be trimmed perfectly and the shoulder pads should give you a stronger posture, but not to make you look too stout.


  1. Sathish October 10, 2013 at 5:24 PM

    wish i had shown this to my wife before she bought my suit. i am stuck with an orange colour suit now. are there any places where i can sell it back? or is my only option to fling it into the sea?

    • Team MSI October 10, 2013 at 5:34 PM

      :) We haven’t come across any website that will buy suits. Will keep you informed if we do. You can always try websites like olx, ebay or quikr, though, so maybe flinging it into the sea is a bit premature.

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