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Gourmet at home: Penne in Bell Pepper Coulis

Gourmet at home: Penne in Bell Pepper Coulis

Fancy a gourmet meal without the gourmet prices? Indigo Deli’s Chef Clyde Comello shows you how to make this exquisite Italian dish from your own home.

Dinner at a high-end restaurant is a costly affair, so you need to restrict yourself to only a few of them every year. But all of us crave the fancy meal more often than that, minus the cost of the entire experience. So what’s the solution? You could cook up a real gourmet meal at home. Money Saver India brings you a great money-saving idea with our ‘Gourmet at Home’ section. For the first edition, we’ve got Clyde Comello, chef at Indigo Deli, to give us the recipe to Penne in Bell Pepper Coulis, which has a hefty price tag of Rs570 at their Colaba outpost. Cook it at home and you’ll be spending just Rs270, less than half the original cost. So here’s how it’s done.

Ingredients Quantity Approximate cost
Penne 200g Rs35
Bell Peppers 250g Rs30
Garlic 2 cloves Rs2
Salt As per taste NA
Pepper As per taste NA
Parmesan cheese 40g Rs123
Olives As required Rs10
Basil 10g Rs10
Olive oil 80ml Rs60
Total: Rs270

1. Blanch the pasta and sprinkle some olive oil to prevent sticking. Keep aside.
2. Roast the bell peppers on an open flame till it turns black in colour. Put it in a plastic bag or in an air tight container and let it rest.
3. Peel the blackened portion off the bell peppers and chop roughly.
4. In a blender add the bell peppers, garlic, cloves, salt, pepper and blitz to a fine puree using 60 ml of olive oil.
5. In a pan sauté some onion and garlic with fresh basil leaves. Add the puree and cook for a minute on a low flame. To the pan, add a touch of cream and then add the pasta. Cook for another 2 minutes ensuring the pasta is well coated with the sauce. Add the olives and garnish with Parmesan cheese. Serve hot.

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