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Get comfortable on flights with SeatGuru

Get comfortable on flights with SeatGuru

After booking an air ticket, you can check out each plane’s seat map to find out which one gives you better legroom, more comfort and great convenience. Read on to find out how.

How often have you been desperate for a long-haul flight only because you were cramped in your seat, it didn’t recline or you were placed too close to the lavatory? If it always seems like the others on your flight have been given better seats, perhaps it’s because they’ve been using SeatGuru. The website has maps of over 700 plane models, with clear legends notifying you which seat is great and which ones should be avoided, along with user reviews. So you can find out not just seat-related information, but details regarding facilities for entertainment and user reviews of the plane itself.

What you can find

Seat Map Find information regarding which seats on a plane should be avoided and which ones are great for travel. Seat information, ranging from which one gives you best legroom, the ones which don’t recline or have less arm space, is available. You are also alerted to the proximity of your seat to the lavatory.

Amenities Besides providing you with a seat map, SeatGuru also lists amenities such as power plug points, personal TVs and bassinet spaces on your flight.

Huge plane library As of now, SeatGuru has maps and details of over 700 plane models. These include international airlines like Lufthansa, Fly Emirates and also Indian airlines, including Jet Airways, IndiGo and Air India.

Active community SeatGuru does not have maps of all flights yet, but the user reviews can be found for almost every flight across the world. Check some of the reviews to know which seats other flyers had a problem with.

Flight updates The app also provides you with real-time flight updates helping you know whether your flight is delayed or on-time. You can also select the app to send information to your friends or family to notify them if your flight is earlier than expected or running behind schedule.

Flight search This feature of SeatGuru works a lot like Kayak or Skyscanner (go here for more). However, it may not work as well as the above-mentioned services.

How it works
Once you have made your booking and you get to know your flight number, proceed to SeatGuru and key in the details regarding your flight. If you don’t remember your flight number, you can also select your airline and journey from a list. After finding your flight, the app shows you the seat map for the plane which will be used in that journey.

Seats marked in green are the ones you should prefer during check-in. The ones in yellow usually have complaints about them and these complaints are explained once you click on them. Seats in red should be avoided as they are most certain to be uncomfortable. Seats marked in white will offer standard comfort and facilities. Other features mentioned above can be easily navigated with the map legend and tabs provided.

Supported platforms
You can access the SeatGuru website through your browser. If you prefer using it on the smartphone, the SeatGuru app is available for Android, iOS and Windows phones.

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