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Gadget accessories you should get

Gadget accessories you should get

Take a look at a few great gadget accessories that are unique, user-friendly and not heavy on the pocket. Some might even get you a few surprised looks.

While these gadget accessories aren’t technically cheap, they offer style and a certain wow factor at a relatively low price. Some are as simple as a phone case; others are out there – there’s a device that will heat your coffee when plugged into your computer as well!

Cover this!


This cover, available at, is perfect for your iPhone. The intricate design and elaborate detailing makes it an interesting option for your phone.
Price Rs499

Carry in style

iPhone Purse -

Imagine if you could fit your iPhone in a purse, in a stylish as well as budget-friendly manner? Well, this purse, available at, could be the perfect option for you.
Price Rs1,250

Hot cookie USB cup warmer

ng1702_hot_cookie_usb_warmer_lr2-Rs899 copy

This accessory, available at, is something that you should own. You just need to plug in this cookie into the nearest USB to heat up a beverage. You can reheat your coffee which turned cold while you were stuck in a meeting.
Price Rs750

Ruby earbuds

Ruby Earbuds -

Add a stylish touch to listening to music. Check out this pair of diamond-shaped earbuds, available at You will go gaga over the design for sure.
Price Rs600

Wire jockey


We are sure many of you face the problem of entangled wires. Well, has a treat for you. This wire jockey makes sure that your cables are not entangled constantly.
Price Rs181

Retro handset

Retro Phone Handset

Who wouldn’t mind adding a vintage touch to their phone? This retro handset available at totally serves the purpose. Just attach this to your phone and talk away!
Price Rs1,199

Smartphone dock speaker

Smart Phone Dock Speaker

Dock speakers are the latest trend in the market. All you have to do is place your smartphone on this dock speaker and you can enjoy your music anywhere and everywhere. Buy this one from
Price Rs879

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