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Furniture and household items maintenance tips

Furniture and household items maintenance tips

If you replace furniture and other household stuff all too often, you may not be doing all you can to make them last longer. Read our tips to extend the life of household items.

Ever so often you find that you have to replace things around the house – sometimes, just a few months after you’ve bought them – or that they are significantly damaged. While you can’t control or undo all forms of damage, there are certainly simple things you can do around the house to make furniture and other household items last longer.

Shower Curtains
Do you find that you have to replace your shower curtains every now and then because they are infested with mildew and too grimy to use any more? If yes, then a simple change in your shower routine can help you out. Every time you shower, step out and draw the curtains again. Leave the fan on or window open to help it dry. If your shower curtains dry immediately after you shower, there will be no scope for mildew to accumulate in the folds. Also ensure that they are the correct width and length so that they don’t bunch up. This makes it more difficult to dry and moist folds of the curtains will attract mildew much faster as well.

A good set of knives are expensive, but they will last you well if you take good care of them. Make sure you don’t use the blade to slide or scrape stuff off the cutting board as this rookie mistake makes knives blunt very quickly. Flip your knife over to scrape or slide things off your chopping board. Also, to prevent them from getting nicked or losing their sharp edge all too soon, make sure you store them in a knife block or sheath. This way, their blades stay protected. Tossing them in a cutlery drawer is not only dangerous, but it will also make your knives blunt more quickly as the blade is more prone to rub against other knives and cutlery.

Sofa cushions
Any cushioned seating you may own – be it a sofa or an armchair – needs to be cared for to ensure you get the best use out of it. To prevent it from getting lumpy, make sure you plump up the cushions regularly. If they are detachable from the rest of your furniture, remember to flip the cushions every two weeks. This will ensure that they wear down evenly without get lumpy or sagging unevenly.

Wobbly furniture
A wobbly chair or table or stand is a disaster waiting to strike. Not only is it constantly threatening to topple over, but it can also cause your furniture to break simply because of the uneven distribution of weight. Instead of waiting for it to give way completely, make sure you support it right from the start. Ask your local carpenter to even everything out, or wedge a piece of thick cardboard (or any other firm material) that has been folded over. Remember, it is easier (and costs less) to take care of one uneven leg of a chair than having to replace it entirely if it breaks.

Dents and nicks
If you have children, a nicked chair or coffee table can be all too familiar a sight. Instead of replacing your entire unit, or letting the cracks deepen till it eventually breaks, take care of the problem while you can. Use shoe polish in a shade closest to your wooden furniture and seal in the gaps till it forms an even surface. Then, seal it with varnish to make your furniture last even longer.

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