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Find the best price on a hotel

Find the best price on a hotel

How do you find out which travel website gives you the best deal on a hotel? You can use a site which aggregates prices from popular travel websites to give you a good deal.

Travelling is fun, but holidaying can be expensive. If you want to stay in a hotel, there are several ways to book, which means prices will vary. So how do you know if you’re getting the best deal on a hotel booking? Scouring through several travel booking websites is not only tedious and time-consuming, it’s also tiring and you may not get the best deal after all that work. We’ve listed a few that you can look at.
Trivago is simple to navigate. It aggregates from sites including Travel Guru, Expedia, MakeMyTrip,, and a few others so you can get the best deal on a hotel room. In addition, Trivago tells you which rooms come with complementary breakfast included in the price.
Hotels Scanner also pulls in search results from a few websites including HotelClub, MakeMyTrip, and others. It even gives you different room options such as one with twin beds or a queen-size bed, and which are non-refundable (when applicable). Rooms which have breakfast included into the price and come with free cancellation are labelled.
In addition to taking bookings, Kayak also gives you prices from other booking websites. Searching for a particular hotel is easy and the site gives you information on other things such as whether the hotel has internet, Wi-Fi, parking, wheelchair assistance, a bar/lounge and more.
This website is a lot like Hotels Scanner in terms of layout. It too surfaces results from Expedia, HotelClub and MakeMyTrip, among others. Here, too, you can also see whether a booking comes with breakfast and whether you will be charged for cancellation.
One of the most well-know perhaps is TripAdvisor. Although it doesn’t aggregate results from as many sources as Trivago, it includes HotelClub, Cleartrip and Expedia among others and should give you a good deal. However, it only gives you websites’ offers and you won’t be able to take a look at the room types available to compare.

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