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Diwali gift hampers are best avoided

Diwali gift hampers are best avoided

Diwali hampers are always majorly overpriced, despite the big one-time purchase. Instead of buying one of them, simply try making one yourself. It’s cheaper, but still exactly the same.

With Diwali round the corner, many brands and shops have gift hampers for sale. These hampers would have anywhere from five to 20 things stuffed in a hamper. Considering that you’re practically making a huge purchase, usually of over Rs1,000, you would expect to be paying the normal price, if not a small discount. But that’s not how it works. Stores regularly charge you a hefty premium for hampers. Why? It’s Diwali, of course. Here are examples:

Nature Basket’s Organic Gourmet Hamper
Price: Rs3,610

Hamper product Price
Pema Organic Multigrain Bread Rs325
Organic Strawberry Sauce Rs325
TM Organic Lavender N Chamomile Tea Rs546.25
Morarka Amla Candy Sweet Rs105
Nourish Organics Spicy Trail Mix Rs291
Roland Balsamic Vineger Rs445
Nourish Organics Sunflower Seeds Rs240
Morarka Candied Ginger Ragi Milk Cookies Rs32
Diwali candles Rs249
Hamper basket Rs70
Mango jam Rs112
Total Rs2740
Savings Rs870

So the components of the hamper cost Rs870 less than what they being sold for.

Grand Coffee Hamper
Price: Rs2,736.

Hamper product Price
Davidoff Coffee Rich Aroma Rs800
Hintz Instant Spray Dried Coffee Rs225
Loacker Quadratini Napolitaner Rs114
RFox Milk Choc Chunk Cookie Rs275
Loacker Gran Pasticceria Cappuccino Rs308
Diwali candles Rs249
Hamper basket Rs70
Total Rs2,041
Savings Rs695

So the components cost just Rs2,041, almost Rs700 less than what its being sold for.

Instead of overspending on a readymade gift hamper, try making one yourself. The process is simple, and you will also end up saving on the final cost of it. Here are some tips you should keep in mind while making a hamper:

Select a theme A gift hamper can be anything that the other person loves. Themes can range from food ingredients, clothes, chocolates, coffee and accessories.

Get a basket Putting all the stuff in a small jute basket is the safest way to gift a hamper. It will keep your costs low and still make your hamper look very attractive. Cover it with a shiny net and tie it up with a ribbon.

Chocolates and nuts As far as what to put inside the hamper goes, chocolates, dry fruits and nuts are something you cannot go wrong with. Everyone loves chocolates, while dry fruits and nuts are traditional Diwali offerings.

Personalised card To add a great touch to your hamper, add a personalised message for the person you’re gifting it to. Just a few lines are more than enough for the recipient to appreciate your gesture.

One personalised gift If you’re making your own hamper, then always put at least one gifting item that is personalised for the person you’re gifting it to. It can be a book for the bibliophile, assorted ingredients for the cook or even band memorabilia for the music lover. Anything which will personalise the gift.

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