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Complete yoga gear at under Rs2,500

Complete yoga gear at under Rs2,500

If you feel you need a separate wardrobe for yoga, we have just the thing for you. We've listed where you'll find mats, pants, bottles and tops for a reasonable price. For guys and girls.

Looking good and feeling comfortable while you exercise has motivational powers. But, the cost of sports clothes and gear can add up, making you want to quit working out altogether. To encourage you to stick to your yoga regime, we bring you some of the best deals in the market so that you can stay healthy.


Red Yoga Mat: Rs354

Red Yoga Mat

This red yoga mat is sturdy, durable and non-slip, which makes it ideal for people who work out or exercise daily. The price is one of the lowest we’ve seen and we have to say (after buying a yoga mat worth Rs.700) one of the better mats we’ve used. It is also available in a chocolate brown shade.
Where: (Code: 8904133697569)

Water Bottle: Rs349


When you’re sweating it out, you need to replenish lost fluids. Carrying a bottle of water to yoga is a must and we like this Puma water bottle that’s light and not heavy on the pocket.

Women’s Wear

Sports Bra: Rs650

Sports bra

Ladies, we all know how much easier a sports class can be if you invest in a good sports bra. While many top brands are priced at Rs1000 plus, we feel that it makes sense to buy your sports bra from brands that specialize in underwear instead of sports. The price is more reasonable and you’re still getting a quality design. This Enamor bra is lightweight, breathable and ideal for low impact workouts such as yoga. The cups are moulded from inside that prevents chaffing.
Where: (Code: SKU: SB02)

Yoga Pants: Rs979

Capri Sweat Pants - Rs 979

Good yoga pants are meant to be comfortable and non-restrictive. We like these pants from Puma because of the elasticized bands around the legs. This is ideal for yoga where a lot of the positions require you to raise your legs.
Where: Puma outlets across the country

Yoga top: Rs699 for three
When it comes to daily exercise classes, you need tops that are made of cotton. And you need at least three. That’s why we recommend you pick up a value pack from Style Quotient. They are very reasonable and ideal for exercise.

Men’s Wear

Yoga Pants: Rs1,139

evoSPEED Woven Pant Rs 1139

Once again, we like these pants from Puma because of the elasticized bands around the ankles. The material is breathable and light, which means that even though these are full length pants, you won’t sweat excessively.
Where: Puma outlets across the country

Yoga T-shirts: Rs649

2go Active Gear USA Men Pack of 2 Jordan T-shirts_Rs649

A pack of two from Active Gear USA is all you need for yoga classes. The shirts are available in a whole range of colours from white to brown. Sizes go up to XL.

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