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Christmas discounts on air travel

Christmas discounts on air travel

Christmas holidays are a little over a month away and many airlines have launched their offers and savings for domestic and international destinations. Book now for the best deal.

In anticipation of the Christmas and New Year holidays, airlines have launched discounts and offers. The Diwali season was completely devoid of such deals, as airlines raised airfares to cash in on rising demand during the festive period. According to reports, their hopes were dashed, as Indians travelled even less than they did during the festive season in 2012. With the end-of-year celebrations, it, therefore, seems, they’re taking no chances. Many airlines are offering discounts on specific destinations, couple tickets and concessional airfares on all travel routes. Here’s what’s on offer:

The airline is offering discounts on multiple bookings to any destination in India. You can get a discount of 20% on the base fare if you book two tickets. For three and more tickets, a flat 25% discount is being offered on the base fare. Bookings have to be made before November 30 and your travel can be anytime before March 31, 2014. To avail this offer, tickets have to be booked seven days prior to your departure.

Till December 31, GoAir will offer fares as low as up to 50% to your favourite holiday destinations for all passengers. A family of three and more can get discounts ranging from 20% to 30% on the base fare as well. The travel period can be anytime before December 31 with this offer, and it can be availed only on advance purchases.

Jet Konnect
The earlier you book your ticket, the better discounts you get with Jet Konnect. Return fares start from as low as Rs4,839 for domestic and international cities. This offer is valid on bookings on the official website only and no travel period is specified to enjoy these discounts.

Air India
For all domestic routes, Air India will offer slashed fares till November 30 on bookings made online. A further 10% discount is also available on routes like Agra – Mumbai – Agra, Allahabad – Mumbai – Allahabad and Bangalore – Kochi – Bangalore.

British Airways
Head to to get special airfares if you are planning a holiday in the UK. Till November 30, economy class tickets will start from Rs50,000, while business class tickets will start from Rs1,52,400 for journeys commencing from any city in India. Outbound travel dates for this deal to be valid should be before March 31, 2014.

Air Asia
A trip to Australia can cost you Rs35,000 at least. But this offer from Air Asia will give you tickets for as cheap as Rs11,079 to various cities in Australia from India. You can also book a trip to China for Rs11,599 with the airline. The cities included in this offer are Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Chengdu and Hangzhou. For this offer to be valid, booking needs to be completed before November 24. The travel period for this offer has to be between January 4, 2014 and April 30, 2014 and flights for this offer have to originate from either Kochi or Chennai.

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