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Cheapest prices for football gear

Cheapest prices for football gear

If you love the game, read on to find where you can buy quality essentials to play the sport at the best rates. Good football shoes, goalkeeper’s gloves, bibs and jerseys included.

In getting the best deal possible, do not compromise quality while buying football gear. Faulty gear can affect your game and, more importantly, make you more susceptible to injury. A number of shopping portals offer great quality football essentials at affordable rates. Here are the best rates for good budget gear.


Nike T90 football

Nike T90 Seeker football

This size five football from Nike, is a high-quality product used by professionals in various leagues across Europe and the world. The ball is designed to withstand tough matches and weather conditions. The ball gives you much better air dynamics and performance compared to others in the market.
Price Rs1,163


Kipsta jersey and shorts

Jersey and shorts copy

This pair from Kipsta provides you with a 100% polyester fabric. Designed to keep your body temperature cool with meshes on the side to allow moisture transfer, this t-shirt and shorts are made from an extremely lightweight and durable fabric.
Price Rs1,368

Kipsta training bib

Training bib copy

If you are training in a team, these bibs do great in distinguishing different sets of players on the field. Made with polyester, these bibs have notches on the side to help you play with ease.
Price Rs199

Nike socks

Socks copy

These white socks from Nike, is a high-quality product, made from nylon. With Nike’s famed Dri-fit technology, these socks are comfortable to wear and also allow sweat to be absorbed easily. These socks also have a high-strength stitch to make it more durable.
Price Rs445


HDL Football Shoes

Football shoes

Made for natural surfaces like grass or hard mud, these shoes from HDL have conical studs at the front for better traction, first-touch and ball control. Oblong studs in the heel provide you with much better grip while running. The shoes are also padded inside for better comfort.
Price Rs675

Safety gear

Cosco shin guard

Cosco shin guard

This shin guard, which comes in black colour, is made to protect your entire feet for any injury. It also has an ankle and foam protection, to safeguard your achilles’ heel and tendons from straining or stretching.
Price Rs144

Nivia goalkeeper gloves

Nivia gloves copy

Goalkeeper gloves are extremely important to absorb shocks from fast travelling footballs directed towards goal. These gloves are built to protect your hands even if you fall directly on your hand. It also has a rubber foam palm for added safety and an easy velcro closing system.
Price Rs315

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