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Carpooling services across India

Carpooling services across India

We're all complaining about travel and fuel costs, so maybe it's time to carpool. With so many active services, you're sure to find someone you can split the cost with sooner rather than later.

If there has to be just one plus to living in a crowded neighbourhood, it’s probably that it’s easier to find people to carpool with. It may be awkward to actively walk up to the person you see at the bus stop, waiting for a rickshaw or driving ahead of you, but with carpool services picking up, you soon may not have to. We looked across the web to find services that will let you get to work without using crowded trains or buses while keeping the costs low.

Carpool Adda
Available all across India, this mobile app lets you find other people taking what’s closest to your work route. You can select whether you want to hitch a ride or give one to another person. The app is free to download, but you need to load Rs100 onto it before you can begin carpooling. The money is converted to points, which are debited at a nominal rate when you hitch a ride and credited when you give a ride. You can redeem the points for discounts on certain services; the money goes toward the upkeep of the app.
Where? Anywhere in India
Cost: You share the fare with the person you’re travelling with.

Smart Mumbaikar
This barebones website has already received attention, which is why it has now become a by-invitation-only website. All you need to do is enter your e-mail id on their website and wait or ask an existing member to invite you to it. Once this is done, you will be put you in touch with others taking the same route.
Where? Mumbai
Cost: You share the fare with the person you’re travelling with.

Pool My Car
This website has plenty of carpools already waiting for people, so you may not have to create one and wait for responses. For Mumbai alone, there are around a 100 listings waiting for 1 to 4 passengers. For Delhi, there are even more. You can even search carpools only created by those working in the same company as you. To join a carpool, you need to be a member and enter your employee code. If your company isn’t among those listed, you can hit the option ‘Other’ and still join.
Where: Anywhere in India, but more active in the metros
Cost: You share the fare with the person you’re travelling with.

What? Available only in Mumbai, Sharedcab matches your route with other passengers wanting to take the same route. You only share the time you wish to travel at and where you’d like to be picked up or dropped. Sharedcab does the rest for you. It only offers AC cars (Logan, Swift/D’zire, Indigo, Wagon R or Santro), at a price that’s lower than taxis and rickshaws. They run from 8am to 10.30am and 6pm to 8.30pm. At the moment, however, all of their fleet is booked, but you can log in your details and will be informed when the service can be made available to you.
Where? Mumbai only
Cost: Rs8/km in the first month, Rs7.5/km from the next month

Carpools Search
Available in major cities, this website asks you whether you wish to travel only with a male or female carpooler and whether you’re comfortable travelling with smokers before you search. While simply checking to see if it works, we found two listings for Mumbai that would be useful to people within our office.
Where? Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad
Cost: You share the fare with the person you’re travelling with.

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