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Budget wedding tips: Lowering venue costs

Budget wedding tips: Lowering venue costs

In the third part of this series, wedding decorator Nitinn Raichura tells us why he doesn’t believe that money buys quality. Find out how to do more with less for your budget wedding.

‘Quality will always score over quantity,’ admits Nitinn Raichura of Perfect Décor, Mumbai ( With all his years of experience, you better believe him when he discusses how you can cut down on costs without affecting the look of your wedding. Here are his tips to make planning décor and venue on a budget easier:

Think quality: Weddings of a lifetime can be achieved even on a tailor-made budget. It’s often difficult for me to convince a client that a budget wedding doesn’t mean compromising on quality. The money saved can be put to better use by the families. This year, with increased prices and with recession staring people in the face, at all avenues of life, there will be an impact on weddings. In fact the effect is already visible – fewer events and even some cancellations.

Venue is key: If you opt for an elaborate venue, such as ballrooms and banquet halls, you will need elaborate décor and the cost of hiring the place is also high. Instead, simply opt for community halls, society compounds or school lawns to limit expenses. If possible, keep the guest list to a minimum.

Confirm costs: If you are booking a premium venue, confirm all hidden expenses and overheads before you proceed. People are often shocked by their eventual bill as they do not read the fine print of the deal with these venues.

Book early: There’s no fixed price with wedding venues, unless you’re willing to have it during the lean season. If you’re having it during wedding season, confirm the venue eight months in advance to get a good deal.

Combine events: Organise pre-wedding events – the sangeet, mehndi, cocktails – at home or in your society compound/terrace. This way you can cut down on invitees and overall cost.

Cut out elaborate décor: For decorations, state your budget to the decorator and work out a plan together. One easy way to lower expenses is to avoid imported flowers. Stick to local varieties instead.

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