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Budget wedding: That perfect wedding album

Budget wedding: That perfect wedding album

In the second part of this series, wedding photographer Stuti Sakhalkar of The Cheesecake Project shares her tips on how to have a gorgeous wedding album under a budget.

Photographer Stuti Sakhalkar is the girl behind wedding photography company The Cheesecake Project and they offer photography services for weddings, couple shoots and lots more. Here’s her money saving tips on wedding photography and how to still get great looking photos of the big day:

Allocate tasks: Assign responsibilities for the candid photographer as well as the photographer for documentation and the videographer. There is no point having 6-8 photographers, all shooting the exact same thing. If you assign tasks, there are chances you’ll realize you need fewer photographers – which is a major cost saving tactic.

Dual services: If your candid photographer is someone like me who will be photographing every ritual and covering all relatives, then you do not need a documentation photographer for the wedding rituals. Look for someone who can provide dual services.

Have a photo-booth: Do a photo-booth at fun events like cocktails and sangeets. Have the photographer shoot only that instead of other normal portraits of guests. This is a big hit with the guests and also gives you something new to have in the album. This also tends to work out cheaper as you’ll only need one photographer since the booth is fixed.

Plan off season: For special shoots like Couple Shoots, plan your shoot well in advance with your photographer, with regards to costumes, location and time of the day to avoid last minute hassles and expenses. If you take these pictures out during off season, you’re likely to get a better rate too.

Book immediately: Most importantly, if you like the works of a photographer-videographer and want them to cover your wedding, book them immediately (before they are booked by another client). Charges are almost always higher during wedding season.

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