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Budget wedding: Save on invitations

Budget wedding: Save on invitations

In the fourth part of the series, we have Nitinn Raichura gives five tips on how to lower the cost of wedding invites by making simple and practical adjustments.

When planning the wedding budget, it’s easy to forget about the cost of invitations. Nitinn Raichura, of Perfect Décor, says that this is because the invitations are prepared months before the wedding. Yet, the cost of invitations is higher than ever now, with card companies creating elaborate designs, which could easily set you back up to Rs150 per card. If this is more than you think necessary, take some of Nitinn’s tips to keep your card costs low.

Basic function: Invitation cards have a basic function: to invite and guide the guest to the venue. This is all you should let the card do. Guests don’t spend much time admiring your card, so don’t unnecessarily add details about the wedding. This will drive up costs. Keep it simple.

Be tasteful: Instead of paying for bulky, elaborate cards, look for something tasteful. It will certainly cost less money without appearing low-quality. Before you zero in on a design, look at costs online. There are a lot of stores online that allow you to compare invitation card designs. This way you know what the market has to offer before you visit a store in person.

Why not e-cards? Given that you’ll probably be connected to most, if not all, your guests digitally, physical cards aren’t necessary. Sure, you might think it necessary to send physical invites to certain guests, but you needn’t do so for all. Several websites online help you make your own e-cards, even if you lack the sense of design to do so yourself. Including directions to the venue is also much easier.

Remind them: If you are going to send an e-card, be sure to call your guests a couple of weeks before the wedding or as soon as you send out the mail.

Include contact details: To save on the cost of acceptance cards and postage, you could simply include a phone number and your e-mail id. Nowadays, many couples create a separate wedding address to which RSVPs can be mailed.

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