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Budget wedding: Planning the big day

Budget wedding: Planning the big day

In the first of this eight part series, wedding planners Candice Pereira and Jarret D'Abreo tell you how to plan the most special day of your life without spending too much.

With the prices of products and services steadily rising in this sluggish economy, you don’t want to spend your life’s savings on your wedding day, do you? In this series, we get the experts to tell you how to plan a budget wedding.

Candice Pereira and Jarret D’Abreo are the cheerful duo behind Marry Me – wedding planners who’ll do everything to make your wedding the perfect day. Get in touch with them at Here are Candice’s budget wedding tips:

Off-season wedding: Consider having your wedding during the off season. This will help you get the venue and even the caterer of your choice at a much lower cost. Planning a wedding during the lean months of February, March, June and October would save you a bundle.

Get help for free: Rope in your friends and family to help. Maybe you have a friend who is a DJ and can put together a song list for your mehendi that you can play off an iPod. Maybe you have a friend who is a great speaker and can help compere your events.

Get creative: Spend time personalising the details but put it together yourself. Make it a fun afternoon with your friends and family to make your save the date cards or assemble your giveaways.

Think different: Think of out-of-the-ordinary venues. Maybe you have access to a lovely bungalow or garden space which would be perfect for one of your events. It also gives your guests a nice mix of venues between hotel ballrooms and private spaces.

Honeymoon: With the rupee taking a beating right now, that foreign trip might be too costly. Maybe you could plan a trip to some unique destinations in India itself – there is so much to discover right here!

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