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Budget home fitness equipment

Budget home fitness equipment

Do you find it hard making it to a gym after paying for the full year? You could try working out at home. Here’s all the equipment you need and the cheapest prices for them.

Have you ever paid for gym membership for the entire year, only to quit after the first few weeks? If so, then a home gym could be just what you need. Follow this guide of basic home gym equipment, so that you stay fit without breaking the bank.

Resistance bands

Resistor band

These bands are great to improve and strengthen your body, balance and coordination. The bands also come with ankle pads for a better exercising experience. You can use these to tone your hips, legs and thighs with ease.
Price Rs436

Fitness and stability ball

Gym ball

Fitness balls gives you a better way to stretch, strengthen and condition your muscles and also help you improve your stability. This ball comes with sand filling and weighs 1.25kg to give you better control during your routines. The fitness ball comes along with a hand pump and it can inflate up to 65cm in diameter.
Price Rs637



These adjustable rubber dumbbells come with plates weighing from 1kg to 3kg. You can adjust these dumbbells to give you weights as high as 12kg while doing strength training. However, do upgrade your dumbbell weight progressively to avoid injuries.
Price Rs899

Heart monitor app

Heart Rate app

Use the Instant Heart Rate app to enable your phone to act as a heart monitor. By keeping your index finger on your phone’s camera, this app determines your pulse rate accurately using the same technology which medical pulse oximeters use.
Price Free
Where? Play store, iTunes and Ovi store

Pull up bar


This sturdy and adjustable bar can fit into any doorframe and can take weights up to 80kg. By using the pull up bar you can help improve your upper body strength, height, spinal column and your general physique.
Price Rs599

Jump rope

Nivia jump rope

A good cardio device, this jump rope helps you increase your stamina and lose body fat. The length of this rope is 3m and you can choose to buy it with weights to give you better grip while working out.
Price Rs181

Toning tubes

Toning tube

Nivia’s toning tubes lets you enhance your muscular strength, endurance and stamina. Besides helping you burn calories faster, it also helps you tone your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. The biggest advantage of having toning tubes is that you can modify your workout routine by standing on it or tying it to a pole to increase its resistance.
Price Rs390

Exercise bike

Exercise bike

The bike is extremely easy to set up and adjust. Using an exercise bike helps you lose calories quicker and also tones your legs. Besides these benefits, an exercise bike builds your stamina, cardio-vascular fitness and improves your heart’s health.
Price Rs4,355

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