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Budget gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Budget gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Getting a gift for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to involve a lot of shopping, or spending – it’s the small things that count. Use our creative tips for off-beat gifts.

Your mother will appreciate a gift that you’ve made yourself much more than one bought from a store. That’s why we bring you easy-to-make, pocket-friendly do-it-yourself gifting ideas for Mother’s Day.

A collage
This one is old, but it works every time. Nothing is more precious and beautiful than candid memories of the times you spent together when you were a child. So get out the old pictures and make a collage out of them. You could also scan and piece them together using a photo-editing software.

Breakfast in bed
Start Mother’s Day off on a splendid note by serving your mother her favourite breakfast in bed. She will enjoy the pampering after having spent years waking you up and packing you off to school, college or work. Add a handwritten note to make it more special.

This one is really easy and makes for an excellent gift. There are several body scrubs and masks you can make at home using common ingredients such as sea salt, sugar, olive oil and yogurt. Whip up a few the day before and surprise your mother with a hamper that is filled with home-made essentials for a pampering session.

A sleeping mask
Generally, mothers are the first to wake up and the last ones to go to bed. Help your mother sleep better by making her an eye mask. There are several templates available online which are easy to print and use. If you have a sewing machine, it won’t take you much time. If you are doing it by hand, be prepared to devote more time to the project.

A journal
If your mother enjoys writing or keeps a journal, buy a plain one and personalise it. Decorate the cover with fabric, photographs or your own artwork and on each page, write down a quote from a book or movie that you know she likes. You could also substitute the quotes with lines from her favourite poems or songs. After every few pages, you could stick a picture of the two of you and caption it so that as she uses the book, she stumbles upon a picture every once in a while.

If your mother is finicky about spills and beverage rings your cups and glasses leave behind, make her some coasters. Just cut squares from a thick cardboard sheet, print your favourite photos on regular paper squares (the same size as the cardboard squares) and stick the photos onto the squares of cardboard. Once it is completely dry, paint on a thick coat of any glue that dries with a clear finish – such as Fevicol – to form a protective layer on top.

Inspired by the DIY above, if you think your mum would prefer magnets, simply use strong-hold glue to stick small magnets at the back of the cardboard and voila – your magnets are ready!

Frame it!
If you have some time on your hands, think of a message you’d like to give your mother and neatly write it out on a big sheet of thick, white paper. You can add doodles, photos, old notes, stick trinkets and old movie stubs, use innovative fonts or simply scrawl it out on the paper. Next, have the message framed so that your mother can hang it on the wall or keep it on her desk. If you don’t have the time to get it framed, buy a ready made frame and adjust the size of your message accordingly.

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