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Budget European holiday destinations

Budget European holiday destinations

If you’d like a slice of Europe without overburdening your wallet, here is a list of five destinations that make for great holidays without costing you a lot.

Trailing through Europe is a must-do on every keen traveller’s list. However, with prices being as sky-high as they are, only a few can actually afford to spend the kind of money needed to jet-set to the popular, touristy spots Europe has to offer. But, if you are looking to give the glitzy, trendy spots a miss, there’s a lot more to explore in Europe and for a fraction of the money you’d spend if you picked Rome, for example. Read on to find our list of the best European budget holiday destinations you can pick.

If your heart’s set on a laidback, quaint holiday, head straight to Bosnia. The cobbled streets and picturesque landscapes of Sarajevo – the capital – are absolutely enchanting. Soak in the sights of lush mountains, crystal clear rivers and thermal water springs. Moreover, Bosnia is touted to have amazing thermal spa facilities at much cheaper prices than many of its other European counterparts. You can feast on artisan bread, cheese and wine, and spend the afternoons exploring the surroundings on foot, making this destination ideal if you want some serious R&R.
Flight tickets Rs56,166 for a roundtrip from Mumbai to Sarajevo per person.
Hotel rates 3-star hotel rates start from Rs1,404 per night in Sarajevo.
Visa fees Rs1,975 (€31) for a single entry visa per person.

Istanbul, Turkey
A destination rich in culture and heritage, Istanbul is a great place to holiday at, if you are really keen on getting a taste of ethnic culture. Perched on one edge of Europe, Istanbul is packed with heritage sites that vie for attention. The incredible beauty and fine detailing of these structures is sure to soothe your eyes. While in Istanbul, be sure to pay a leisurely visit to the imposing Hagia Sophia – a church turned mosque and now a museum. Being a major air hub, flights to the city are cheap when compared to other parts of Europe. Also, if you don’t mind slumming it, there are plenty of budget stay options as well, making the city extremely backpacker-friendly. Lastly, Istanbul boasts of a rich food culture, so be sure to sample their traditional delights during your stay here.
Flight tickets Rs34,186 for a roundtrip from Mumbai per person.
Hotel rates 3-star hotel rates start from Rs3,135 per night in Istanbul.
Visa fees Rs1,230 ($20) per person.

Krakow, Poland
The cultural capital of Poland, Krakow is the place to head if you are a food enthusiast. Pay Krakow Market Square – the largest medieval market in all of Europe – and St. Mary’s church a visit, before you settle down for a hearty meal. Krakow is rather cosmopolitan when it comes to the cuisines it offers. So, not only do you get to try a whole range of cuisines, but, if you are travelling with a fussy eater, there is so much variety on offer, that it is impossible for them to not find something that appeases their taste buds.
Flight tickets Rs53,755 for a roundtrip from Mumbai per person.
Hotel rates 3-star hotel rates start from Rs2,348 per night in Krakow.
Visa fees Schengen visa fees of Rs5,100 (€60) per person.

Budapest, Hungary
Budapest is extremely travel-friendly if you are on a tight budget. While in the Hungarian capital, cruise down the Danube and stroll around Castle Hill and soak in the breathtaking sights. For those on the lookout for affordable spa treatments, Budapest promises not to disappoint. With several spas centred on the natural hot springs, these treatments are easy to find and light on the pocket. Also, Budapest has some great food to be sampled and you, the budget traveller, are especially in luck. The variety here is amazing and so are the large-portions — perfect for those looking for a culinary adventure while on holiday.
Flight tickets Rs46,916 for a roundtrip from Mumbai per person.
Hotel rates 3-star hotel rates start from Rs1,364 per night in Budapest.
Visa fees Schengen visa fees of Rs5,100 (€60) per person.

Lisbon, Portugal
This hilly city is fully of old world charm. Set across seven hills, Lisbon is much, much cheaper than places such as Madrid or Barcelona. Packed with heritage architecture, there are numerous sights to see and for relief, you can always turn to the endless ocean, if you tire of marvelling at their quaint buildings. Slightly more ‘proper’ than the other Spanish cities, Lisbon offers some great cuisine at decent prices. Also known for its roaring nightlife, we suggest a night out clubbing and assure you that the moderate prices mean that you will have a great time, without spending too much.
Flight tickets Rs53,243 for a roundtrip from Mumbai per person.
Hotel rates 3-star hotel rates start from Rs3,158 per night in Lisbon.
Visa fees Schengen visa fees of Rs5,100 (€60) per person.

All rates have been calculated for travel dates in May, 2014. The rates were last updated on January 17, 2014.

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