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Best prices for baby essentials

Best prices for baby essentials

First time shopping for baby essentials and don’t know where to buy cradles and car seats and the like? We list your options from various brands at various price points.

There are a number of essentials such as cradles, high chairs, baby monitors and carriers to be bought for your child’s comfort and safety. If you are a new parent, you probably don’t know where to look and whether you could get something at a lower price elsewhere. So we’ve rounded up prices for six essential items to tell you how much each item costs. You’ll find occasionally that the same brand has a very different price tag.

This list was last updated on January 6, 2015.

Products Babyoye Mom & Me First Cry Amazon Littleshop
Pram Rs2,599 (Sunbaby) Rs6,293 (The Li’l Wanderers) Rs2,401 (Fab N Funky) Rs2,329 (Infanto) NA
Car seat Rs3,599 (Ollington) Rs3,995 (Evenflo) Rs1,759 (1st Step) Rs6,995 (Mee Mee) Rs1,759 (1st Step)
Carrier Rs676 (Mee Mee) Rs1,999 (Evenflo) Rs703 (Fab N Funky) Rs530 (Natraj) Rs1,795 (Farlin)
Cradle Rs1,580 (Mothertouch) Rs7,129 (Pack N Play) Rs1,383 (Infanto) Rs1,656 (Mothertouch) Rs5,495 (Mee Mee)
Monitor Rs15,990 (Motorola) (video) Rs4,491 (Motorola) (audio) Rs15,990 (Motorola) (video) Rs13,170 (Motorola) (video) NA
High chair Rs2,040 (Mothertouch) Rs2,792 (The Li’l Wanderers) Rs2,495 (Infanto) Rs1,995 (Infanto) Rs5,490 (Graco)

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