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Beauty products that don’t break the bank

Beauty products that don’t break the bank

Beauty treatment can cost the earth, but they don’t have to. Here are some you can get at affordable prices.

Beauty products claim to solve a variety of things ranging from oily skin to a dark complexion. But while their promises can be tall, most of the time the prices are also high. So you think beauty comes at a price, right? Not quite. Here we’ve listed few quality beauty products that cost less than Rs250.

Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion
This bottle looks far more medicinal than it does as a “beauty” product. Cetaphil is gentle on the skin but cleanses properly. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and two washes with it can even remove stubborn eye makeup.
Price: Rs149

Lotus Herbals Claywhite black clay skin whitening face pack
If you fancy pampering your skin every now and then, this face pack is quite the revelation. Enriched with black clay, liquorice and bearberry extract, this thick face pack helps brighten your skin, visibly reduces pores and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean.
Price: Rs225

Biotique Bio Myristica Spot Correcting Anti Acne Face Pack
Biotique’sMyristica Spot Correcting Anti Acne Face Pack comes highly recommended. It dries out existing pimples almost instantly and reduces scarring too. Use it twice a day for best results and don’t be fooled by the size of the tub. It is a really thick product and you’ll need a really tiny amount which means it lasts you forever — literally.
Price: Rs190

Kara Seaweed and Lavender Makeup Wipes
These wipes are quite cheap for 25 wipes that effectively remove makeup, not to mention they’re alcohol free. They’re also really easy to carry and leave your skin feeling fresh and soft instead of raw, like most makeup removers do. The biodegradable wipes won’t help with heavy mascara but for light daily makeup, they’re perfect. They come in several flavours, including lavender and seaweed.
Price: Rs125

Ponds moisturising cold cream
You get these tiny pots of cold cream at almost every chemist and it’s perfect to carry while you are on the go. While it has a greasy texture if used as a moisturiser, it can be used as a face cleanser and makeup remover too. It is also great to remove heavy eye makeup.
Price: Rs99

Ponds Pimple-Clear White
This face wash has really good anti-acne properties — it managed to clear up, without leaving any sign whatsoever, of an oncoming zit in just two days. It can be used both during the summer as well as winter. An added bonus is that using the face wash leaves a slight white glow to your face which lasts for a good few hours.
Price: Rs75

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